How to Use Instagram to Drive More Sales for Your E-Commerce Business

Use Instagram to Drive More Sales for Your E-Commerce Business


Creating a business account for your e-commerce store on Instagram has become a necessity in the modern world. With 1 billion active users, Instagram is the most popular social media platform right now. If you use it wisely, you can not only generate more leads but also boost the overall conversion rate. 

To do this, you’ll first have to set up a business account for your brand and post high-quality content to get free Instagram followers. It’ll also be imperative to interact with your followers to precisely promote your products and encourage people to buy them.  

So, in this guide, we’re going to unveil a few of these helpful tips to use Instagram and generate more sales for your e-commerce store. 

1. Set Up a Business Account and Get More Followers

If you already haven’t set up a business account, make sure to do it as soon as possible. As opposed to the traditional Instagram accounts, business accounts have comparatively better features that’ll help promote your posts and analyze your growth at the same time. You can check analytics for individual posts and also decide which posts might require paid marketing to improve the engagement. 

Once you have set up the Instagram business account, the next step would be to get more followers. While there are different ways to increase your follower count, the majority of traditional methods are time-consuming. In case you want quick growth, it would be more beneficial to buy Instagram followers from a trusted source. When you’ll buy followers, your profile will automatically reach its target audience. As a result, you could directly start promoting your products and get more sales without any efforts. 

2. Get a Verification Badge for Your Account

One of the easiest ways to generate more sales through your Instagram account is to get verified. For people who don’t know, Instagram accounts with a blue badge next to their username are considered officially verified. With a verified account, it’ll become much easier to grab the user’s attention and build trust. 

Since Instagram doesn’t verify every other account, it’ll showcase that your brand is trustworthy and not fake. As a result, people will automatically buy products from your store and you’ll be able to build long-term customers easily. When it comes to verifying an account, Instagram follows a few guidelines. So, make sure to check these guidelines before applying for Instagram verification. 

3. Post Engaging Content

Instagram users scroll through their feed very quickly. This means if you want to grab their attention, it’ll be important to publish high-quality content. A visually appealing video or picture will easily attract your potential customers. On the other hand, if a video/picture is pixelated and doesn’t showcase your product precisely, it’ll only degrade your brand’s reputation. 

So, always ensure to post high-quality content on your profile that easily engages the customers. Apart from retaining the existing customers, this will also help you get free Instagram followers instantly. Now, you don’t need to hire a professional photographer to do the job. Simply use your smartphone’s camera or a traditional point-&-shoot to capture all your products. Just remember to keep the main product in focus and try to use the same background in all your photos.   

4. Interact With Your Followers

If you want to build a strong community on Instagram, it’ll be necessary to interact with your followers. People follow different brand accounts through their profile. This means if you want to stand out among others, you’ll have to interact with the followers as much as possible. 

Try to reply to each comment on your posts and respond to the DMs as well. Secondly, you can also use Instagram Stories to increase overall customer interaction. IG Stories have several features, such as quiz, poll, Ask me anything, etc., that’ll help you keep your followers engaged 24×7.


That concludes our 4 effective tips to use Instagram for better sales on your e-commerce store. If you are also looking for an effective way to generate more sales through Instagram, make sure to follow the above-mentioned tricks as they’ll help you boost your Instagram presence easily.

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