How to Use Fastbase for Business: A Step-by-Step Guide for B2B Marketers

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For B2B marketers, every day is a hustle.

Hustling to identify high-value prospects, creating content to attract those prospects, and convincing them to buy. As in a B2B scenario, the hustle is long and painful. There are many decision-makers, perhaps, more than 3 or 4, which increases the sales cycle.

This is where the concept of Fastbase WebLeads and Account-based marketing comes in.

What is Fastbase WebLeads?

Fastbase is a SaaS solution built upon Google Analytics that empower B2B companies to identify website visitors, insights, and intelligence about their online behaviors, interaction, and interests.

Fastbase WebLeads is transforming statistic web analytics into specific knowledge and identification of web traffic.

Account-based marketing – a counterintuitive game plan

Sophisticated B2B buyers tune out all but the most relevant and helpful messages. Account-based marketing (ABM) is a marketing strategy that flips the traditional funnel of marketing.

It is a strategy that targets specific high-value companies with personalized messaging/content rather than targeting a large set of customers as a whole.

ABM starts at the tapered end of the funnel, i.e., with greater focus. You start by identifying your target accounts (companies) and then work backward to create personalized content and campaigns that are most relevant and helpful to the select target accounts.

Instead of focusing on a large audience’s pain points, you focus on the target accounts, specific pain points, and map your solution to close the deal.

According to TOPO, 80% of B2B marketers say ABM improves customer lifetime value, while 86% say it improves win rates.

Now, you must be wondering…

How do you identify high-value privileged accounts?

Since the first step of ABM involves identifying the accounts that are most likely to convert and might contribute a huge chunk to the company revenues, it is important to carefully select the accounts, because based on the accounts you will be creating highly personalized content addressing the specific pain points of the privileged account.

To identify visitors on your website, you have to start by using Fastbase WebLeads 6.0, an extension to Google Analytics: this indicates the level of interest a visitor shows in your solution.

Fastbase WebLeads along with identifying visitors, gives a lot of metrics to assist you in shortlisting your target accounts such as pages visited, time spent on which solution page, navigation, etc.

Your marketing & sales team can sort out the prospects list by exporting to a CRM or a spreadsheet and filtering out based on relevancy and conversion.

Scrutinize the list exported.

Now that you have the prospects list, it is time to select the most relevant ones. Fastbase WebLeads provides you with a company website and a list of the company’s contacts and LinkedIn profiles to further your research and narrow down the prospects list.

Once you have done this, you have the list of companies to target that have visited your website and list of potential prospects in those companies.

Based on your solution, identify the decision-makers & influencers in the selected accounts by researching the LinkedIn company page of the account and adding it to the prospects list you have created to intensify the ABM campaign.

Rank your accounts

It is like hot and cold leads. When you research your selected accounts for pain points, solution mapping and understanding decision-makers, you fathom out which account is hot and which one is cold, for example, a hot lead might be a prospect who has visited a particular solution page multiple times in the last ten days, etc.

Divert your efforts to the hot leads and only then move on to the cold ones.

Content creation

After ranking your accounts, you are now ready to create content. It is the trickiest part and requires a lot of research, experimentation, and personalization. It can be a deal maker or deal-breaker.

Creating personalized content is at the core of ABM. Content can be of any form – blog posts, webinars, videos, case studies, whitepapers, eBooks, emails, ads, LinkedIn messaging, etc. The main idea is to address the challenges your prospect is facing and creating content around it.

Let’s understand with an example

You are an accounting automation software company targeting companies that outsource their basic bookkeeping to CPA firms. After narrowing down the prospects list, you can create specific content to address the gaps these companies face and how they can save resources if they implement your accounting automation software.

In this scenario, you create content based on the decision stage the account is in.

1. Return on Investment Whitepaper can be prepared to explain the ROI and savings a company can make after implementing your software.

2. A demo video of the software can be shared, explaining how quickly and effectively the company can manage basic bookkeeping.

3. Successful case studies to show the credibility of your software.

And so on.

4. You’ve created content for a specific account. So, it makes sense to personalize the email & LinkedIn outreach efforts too. Preparation for the CPA Exam can be less challenging by choosing the best CPA review course .

To conclude…

A simple tool like Fastbase WebLeads 6.0 can save you the trouble of researching and identifying target accounts with accurate intent – 2021 & beyond is the time to watch the cash roll in.

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