Link Building Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

Link Building Mistakes


It often happens that a relevant newspaper, blog or website offers a pack of links for sale on its website in exchange for X amount of money.

These link packs are purchased by link buying platforms and are available for sale on the market at an affordable price.

What about bargains on the link market? That everyone wants them and buys those bargains. This causes a rebound effect.

That is, if everyone has that link (including the competition), it will no longer have much value and its price will ultimately be above the market.

For this reason, I don’t believe in bargains when it comes to buying links. Keep in mind that in the final, these bargains end up overexploited and end up losing all their value. In order to avoid that consult the Digitalmarketing company in your area.

In the end and as a summary, I can tell you that when buying cheap links sometimes exploit your long term SEO strategy.

On Optimizing The Anchor Text Of Your Links

Often, we tend to be obsessed with including the keyword to be positioned in the anchor text of the links.

Yes, I do too.

However, if this becomes a common factor when creating your links, you are giving a clear signal to Google that you are manipulating your metrics.

As I suppose you already know, if Google detects that you are manipulating your links, you can be sanctioned and your website will fall on Google. So, it would be better to join SEO Community to get updates on google policy guidelines.

For this reason, the best thing when it comes to link building and the best thing for your anchor text is that they are like the Mediterranean diet, varied.

Not Taking Into Account The Brand In Your Links

It is very common that the brand name is not used enough as the main anchor in link building strategies.

This as you will assume is a mistake.

Keep in mind that the more brand links you get to your website, the more natural your link profile will be since they will be citing you. So, consult the local SEO Specialist , if you are living in UAE then consult SEO Agency in UAE.

If you add the combination of brand anchor+keyword to these brand anchors. Google will associate your brand with that specific keyword and you will have a better chance of getting a TOP3 for that keyword.

Don’t Contextualize Links Or Get Semantic 0 Links

This happens when you get links in profiles or very restricted registration fields that hardly allow you to enter text in the profile.

This is also the case when links are obtained on web pages not related to your sector or topic. This error is produced by wanting to get a link regardless of where the text is and the semantics that surround it.

As you might suppose, this will be anything but beneficial for your link building. What will a kitchen link do on a pet website?

What will be more likely to be tracked by Google? A page with 800 words or a profile with a photo and a link?

It is clear, the first option will be the best.

For this reason, you should not focus on getting a link for its own sake. Contextualize it in a natural text that is semantically similar to the keyword you want to attack with the link and in this way that link will be of quality.

That is, if your anchor and link were “bird cages” you should introduce the link in a text with similar words such as cages, parakeets, etc.

This will make your link natural and Google will take it into account to position you.

Use Forum Signatures To Get Backlinks

The links in forums and comments are perfect when it comes to making an initial link building base.

These types of lower value links are especially good in the initial phase of a web page. However, if not done right, these links can be potentially dangerous.

In the case of forums, this process must be done thoroughly. Keep in mind that if you enter a link in your signature (as many forums leave) that link will be replicated in a massive way throughout the web page or at least in each of the topics that you have created or collaborated within the forum.

This will make your link less natural and may make the link dangerous, since Google will detect an alteration or manipulation in its SERPs.

Therefore, beware of using forum signatures as a means of link building. If the forum is not optimized, it is very likely that the link will be replicated throughout the site in an uncontrolled way, thus making the link dangerous.

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