5 SEO Tools you Should be Using

5 SEO Tools


Placing your website or blog at the top of Google is not an easy task. Especially if you are looking to position yourself in an industry with a lot of competition.

Although positioning ourselves on the Internet is quite a job, the reality is that it is not as impossible as it seems.

That is why today we are going to present 5 SEO tools that we have found on the top SEO debate and now you can implement it on your site to optimize it to the maximum and obtain better benefits when creating content.

At digitalmarketing.ae we always try to remind our clients that good inbound takes time, and if they want their strategy to work it is necessary to let the content evolve as our results ask us to. So, do not feel bad if the results you are obtaining in your first SEO strategies are not what you expected .

This is super normal and is part of learning to do inbound or digital marketing. Remember that nothing you get is lost, because if your results are not favorable you already know what you should not use or what keywords to avoid, etc.

You can consult the expert marketers in your area for more precise info. Search for the query “seo in dubai” and contact them either via contact forms or through personal emails to get guidance.

We tell you this because many times the problem is not to implement an SEO strategy but to make them work as well as possible.

It is obvious that you are not – nor will you be – the only one making content for a specific topic, so it is very likely that it will take you a little more work to sneak into the top positions

if your SEO is not working correctly. Sometimes we have quality content but our website is a death trap for the user , full of super phosphorescent backgrounds and automatic players that make our prospects tell us to buy from the beginning.

In other cases – and the most common ones – we have mega content that nobody gets to read because we don’t optimize all the fields and sometimes we don’t even know that they exist as the meta description or the images we upload without a name and without descriptive text.

Another common superbug happens especially if you have a blog hosted on a site like WordPress , is that not configure fine adjustments reading and just having entries with URL’s as hjfsbsvbskajyh or numbers 4,367,562 no benefit at all to our site and to the On the contrary, we subtract points when the search engine bots analyze our website to see if we are worthy to appear in the first places on their platforms.

Whatever the reason why your content is not positioning or reaching your audience, the tools we choose are designed to make all this work easier and automatic; and in some cases they even tell you what you have to change so that the content you upload to your site or blog is more likely to succeed on the Internet.

We give you 5 SEO tools that you should be using to make your website one of the first in Google.

We know that one of the factors that slows down investing in tools especially to optimize your site- is that they may be above your budget.

We are also very aware that not everyone trusts digital tools – especially if they charge us in dollars – and they prefer to invest in other elements such as Facebook campaigns or traditional marketing.

That is why we choose totally free tools for you to know and try them, and if you fall in love with them, choose their premium plans or one of these other SEO tools to optimize your page to the maximum.


QuickSprout is a free tool that lets you know what you are doing wrong on your website. It is super easy to use and is definitely one of our favorites for the same reason.

Created by Neil Patel, the advantage of using this tool is that it can also help you to know what your competition is doing -and thus do it much better-.

It also tells you which fields you are failing , for example if your images are very large or have no descriptions. In the same way, it warns you whether or not you are putting the keywords where you should put them – such as in the title or in the URL – as well as the keywords that you should add.

All you have to do to use QuickSprout is enter your website.

Also, as its motto indicates, you will learn to make better content. Remember that the star element of inbound marketing -or attraction marketing- is content and that both your SEO strategy and the text, video, or image you produce must go hand in hand.

One of the tips that QuickSprout gives us is to find 10 basic keywords to create content around them.

Do your keyword research and locate your top 10 keywords and focus on them. Try to be direct but above all do not forget that you are talking to a person not a robot -pss, bots also realize the type of voice you are writing in- so that your users do not feel that you are only trying to sell something.


Yoast SEO

Is your blog hosted on a WordPress platform? Yoast is for you.

Yoast is a plugin especially for WordPress that lets you know what is and is not working on your entry at the moment. It helps you improve the fields in which you are failing and also points them to you so that you do not have doubts about where you are making the mistakes.

The advantage of this plugin is that it has a free version that is super effective for your blog and not only helps you optimize your posts but also your entire page and its snippets -how it looks on google after the page title -, which is a plus for your blog since not all themes allow you to do this.

It also tells you how to improve all the elements of your website, from the URL’s, and you are always accompanied by a guide to know how to apply it to your blog in case you get lost.

One of the things we like most about Yoast is that it analyzes your entry and also tells you what you are doing wrong . For example if you are using repeated phrases -and you are in danger of these being SPAM- or if you are not using your keywords. In short, it allows you to do everything you need to have your mega content optimized.

The best thing is that you can always pay the paid version to get more benefits of the plugin.

Yoast Seo in its free version allows you to optimize your WordPress blog indicating what you have to change and how you can improve.

Google Search Console

We have already talked about Google Search Console and if you are not using it you are missing a lot. First, because it is Google, who is giving you essential information about how your website is doing, if you have problems and how you can improve your performance.

The most valuable thing that Search Console offers you is knowing how Google is evaluating your website on its platform and what is the performance of your organic traffic, for example how people are reaching your website and how they are searching for you in Google. You can also know where they are coming from: computers, tablets or cell phones.

Setting it up is super easy since you only need to have a Google account , which we are sure you have, and then you just have to index it with your site, either through an HTML Tag or using Google Tag Manager.

Don’t fear either, it’s nothing out of the ordinary and you don’t need a programmer or a lot of programming knowledge. In fact, if you use Yoast SEO, this plugin also helps you make the process easier.

It is very necessary that you add the Google Search Console tag to your site because this will allow you to know Google’s analytics and obviously will give your website greater preference over those that do not have this tag.

Integrating Google Search Console to your site has become a necessity, especially if what you want is for Google to better value your website and content,

Google Trends

Another Google tool that not everyone uses but should start implementing in their inbound marketing strategies. Google Trends as its name implies is about the trends of the searches that happen in Google.

It allows you to know which are the most popular searches – as well as the words with which they are being carried out – and helps you to understand the trends a little better: those that are increasing or those that are already leaving.

Why should you use it? Well first because it can help you find niches that no one else is using. For example, if a certain topic or object is trending, talking about it on your blog would help you to be one of the pioneers in writing content about it.

It also helps us to understand much better what the public and the audience want and how they want it. This helps us better plan our content, especially if we want to do it before our competition does.

But you can not only use it to know what is coming. Something that we love about Google Trends is that we can compare searches -or keywords- to find out which ones are more relevant, which are on the rise and which are not related to you. Start using Google Trends to search for keywords or plan your content for the next year.

Google Trends lets you know what searches are being made, which are the most popular according to region such as country, city and even language.

Google PageSpeed ​​Insights

Google PageSpeed ​​Insights, as its name implies, is a tool that will help us to measure the loading quality of our page, that is, its speed. It may seem that it has nothing to do with SEO but one of the most important elements of a website is the speed with which the user can access it.

The reality is that a slow loading website or blog prevents us from receiving traffic. Imagine that you want to read an entry about information x but it takes more than 30 seconds to load, although it sounds exaggerated, it is most likely that you can not stand the first 10 and you go off the page.

Slowness on the web is one of the elements for which Google bots penalize you, and for which your content may not be ranking you first.

Many times for wanting to make our website the “most beautiful” we end up loading it with super annoying or very heavy elements, which prevents our users from having a pleasant relationship with our site and obviously leaving it prematurely.

Using Google PageSpeed ​​Insights will let us know how fast our website is. If we get a rating as close to 100 it means that our site is without problems; On the other hand, if we obtain a very low rating, it is there where we have to see what we are doing to make our website an uncomfortable or insufficient experience for our future prospects.

Using Google PageSpeed ​​Insights will let you know the loading speed of your site, the problems it presents on devices and what you can do to improve them.

In conclusion

Now that you know what free tools to optimize your page you can use, you only have to make the most of them on your website. The most important thing in an attraction marketing strategy is for your content to shine.

Use the 5 tools that we list so you can make your customers find your content and start falling in love with your brand.

Remember that the most important thing is the quality with which you do things, so if you want to improve SEO results, start considering hiring payment tools that can make your website number one on the Internet.

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