Tips on How to Manage E-waste

Tips on How to Manage E-waste


While we are transitioning into a digital world day by day, let’s not avoid the amount of electronics that end up in the disposable trash by the time it is obsolete. While this is an issue at large, there is always room for improvement when it comes to taking care of your surroundings and the place you work that are occupied by most of these electronics. Therefore

E-waste can refer to any item  that comes with electronic batteries, plugs and cords that are of no use. These can contain elements like cadmium, lead, antimony, nickel and mercury which are naturally discharged by the metals and can have an adverse impact on human health and the environment. To reduce toxic consequences, let us consider:

Make Donations to NGOs and Community Clubs

The amount of gadgets that we have in our lives is immense. But then it accumulates more than we actually use and handle, so it’s good to thin down most of it.


This is when you realise that the ones that are mildly in good condition but feel the need to get out of your space are best to be given off as donations to special NGOs who can make use of it for their community members. Donations are worthwhile when someone can make use of it in another way.

Sell Back Electronics to the Stores

Look around if you can find one in your local area like a rubbish removal Leeds if they organise legal buy-back programs. This is usually done by retail stores that are interested in taking back gadgets they sell in their shops.

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This should be asked before you make a purchase whether they are willing to take back old phones, cameras, laptop, iPads or any other electronics you have bought from them. This way you can get rid of most electronics taking so much of the space in your home.

Buy Less

If you’re someone addicted to constant buying, you need to educate on yourself on the causes of e-waste. Most people these days have smartphones, iPads and laptops in their possession. Come to think of it, you don’t need many of these gadgets if a laptop is enough. Before you crave for such things, you need to ask yourself if you really want to go for it. When you simply don’t need it, it’s the concerned voice in your head that keeps telling you to stop and for many reasons, you should listen.

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