What is the Value of an Old Live Edge Dining Room Table?

Dining Room Table


Dining room tables with live edge are valued for their unique character that combines natural beauty with functional form. With time these tables become collectible items and while retaining their original character become appealing to their owners who start to think about their market value and new applications. Knowing the qualities that make up the value of an old live edge dining table will determine whether you want to hold on to it, sell it, or even consider repurposing it.

Now let us look at the value of these dining room live edge tables and how they can be recycled in some unique ways.

The Value of Live Edge Tables

Intrinsic Beauty and Uniqueness

The main benefit of a live edge dining room table is its aesthetic and original character. There is no repetition in the design of each table as it highlights the unique shape, knots, and grain of the wood. This uniqueness makes every table different from the other and therefore a valued piece of personalized furniture.

Craftsmanship and Materials

The raw materials used to make live edge tables are usually hardwoods like walnut, oak, or maple. The workmanship that goes into making these tables is another factor that gives them value. Artisans take several hours to make sure that the table does not lose its original form and at the same time is strong and durable. This combination of superior materials and expert craftsmanship means that a properly cared-for live edge table will be able to retain its value.

Market Demand

The market for live edge furniture has been relatively stable with high demand, especially in regions that value handmade and environmentally friendly products. When people search for “custom furniture near me” or custom dining room tables, they find many local artisans and furniture makers that make live edge tables, which suggests that the market is strong. Thus an old live edge dining table can still be sold at a high price if it is sold in good condition and if the wood used is in demand.

Repurposing Tips for Old Live Edge Tables

Transform into a Kitchen Table

If you are no longer satisfied with its look in your dining room you can easily turn it into a live edge kitchen table. This can add a sense of natural beauty to your kitchen and make it the centerpiece of attention during family dinners. Combining the table with contemporary or retro chairs will also help to achieve a mix of styles that adds to the décor of the kitchen.

Repurpose as a Console or Side Table

However, if space is a concern, the live edge table can be easily reduced to a console or side table. This may include reducing the size of the table to a smaller dimension and possibly changing the legs. The end product is functional furniture for corridors and living rooms or an interesting bedroom night table. The natural edge and wood grain will remain the focal point and the source of uniqueness in any space.

Outdoor Furniture

Those with patios or gardens can also consider converting a live edge dining table into a patio or garden furniture. If the wood is treated to handle the outdoor conditions, then it can be used to convert the table into a beautiful piece of furniture for outdoor dining or perhaps a special garden workbench.

Design a Desk or Workstation

With people working from home, a custom dining room table can easily be made into a beautiful desk or workspace. It has a large surface area to accommodate monitors, laptops, and other tools required in the office and can also give a relaxing atmosphere with its natural wood finish. Additional options for organizing storage can be added to the table to improve its functionality.

Artistic Statement Pieces

Last but not least, live edge tables can be transformed into other artistic pieces of décor. Parts of the table can be turned into wall art, shelving units, or even headboards. All these pieces can add a piece of nature into various rooms in your house without compromising on the natural beauty of the live edge wood.


A live edge dining table with age is a valuable piece in terms of money and appearance. It has a distinctive look, is well-made, and there is a constant market demand for it making it worth holding on to or selling. If you’re bored with your table, you can transform it into a kitchen table, desk, console, outdoor furniture, or even a piece of art. Live edge tables turn out to be a great addition to a home for many years to come.

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