Roger Wolfson – Why Is Research Important for Screenwriters

Roger Wolfson - Why Is Research Important for Screenwriters


If you want to become a good screenwriter, you must be creative and observant. Hard work is essential to reach out to your audience to steal the show. Good screenwriters are aware of their characters so well; they offer vivid descriptions that the audience responds to. This is what makes them unique and different from regular screenwriters with average success. They copy, but good screenwriters steal the show!

Roger Wolfson – How can good research make you stand out?

Roger Wolfson is an esteemed name in Los Angeles when it comes to screenwriting. He is a TV writer, speechwriter, and activist. He is a positive role model for those who wish to become good screenwriters. In order to start any great script, you must be aware of how research can help you stand out in the crowd. It is hard for you to randomly pick up ideas and start working on them. The writing needs to have an authentic voice and a style that your audience can relate to, and this is why research helps.

Do the research properly

When you start with research, first have your characters in place. Make sure you find out as much as you can about their occupation and setting. You and your character should have this imaginary conversation where both of you can speak clearly and intelligently. In screenwriting, it is crucial to first know what you write.

Look around and get to know the work of other screenwriters

You should look around and get to know other screenwriters’ work, as this helps you immensely. If they have biographies, search them out and read them if it is possible. Thanks to YouTube and online websites, many of them might have appeared for interviews. Go through them as much as you can. When you do this research online, this inspires you to go on writing with creative ideas. Your screenplay gets the added advantage of being strong with credibility.

Make sure your screenplay is complete without any flaws or errors

Credibility is integral for the success of your screenplay. It needs to be accepted and appreciated by the targeted audience. The whole piece must be credible and authentic. There are instances where you might get stuck in the middle of writing your manuscript. Again, you may have completed it later, realizing you have missed out on some salient parts. You can use credible online script editing platforms that help you to fill in the missing parts. Take time to make the manuscript better and never rush through to complete it.

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Good screenwriters like Roger Wolfson never stop learning. You can even go to the extent to make your character embrace something that is completely opposite. You never know what kind of ideas will come through. In fact, many original ideas take birth from juxtapositions and outcomes that are unexpected. The trick here is to delve into the unexpected and see the amazing ideas that flow through. Only then can the screenplay be a masterpiece and make the audience love it!

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