How to Try On Glasses at Home


Social distancing has become the new norm as a live to prevent the unfold of the COVID-19 pandemic. As we tend to comply with new routines and staying reception 24/7, you’re seemingly finding that you just have additional free time than ever before? United States of America too! There’s ne’er been a more robust time for that sneaky high noon look whereas you’re operating, thus we’ve place along this handy how-to guide to create it even easier to shop for glasses on-line. scan on to find however simple our virtual try on glasses tool very is!

Just two simple steps to undertake on glasses on-line

1. Take a fast selfie video

All you wish to try and do is flip your head to the left, the centre so to the proper and back once more.

2. Begin attempting glasses on

Go to the complete page of any glasses you’d wish to nearly don & filter by ‘virtual try-on’ within the special options possibility. you’ll see yourself sporting any of the glasses that seem currently. Navigate to a product page, click ‘selfie view’ and voilà!

Ready to get started? Head straight to our don glasses tool now! Or continue reading to find what glasses suit completely different face shapes, our high selfie tips and best picks for what to undertake on 1st.

3. What glasses work my face?

Once you’ve originated your recording, the virtual run tool will another super cool factor. It provides you along with your face form! Knowing what face shape you’ve got will very assist you calculate what kind of glasses can suit you too. For oval formed faces, cat-eye frames will look super cool; sq. formed faces tend to suit spherical or oval frames; for spherical formed faces, select additional parallelogram frames; and for those with a simple face, why not strive wayfarer formed glasses. would like additional help? Watch our video below or take a glance at our whole guide place along on face shapes here.

Insider recommendations on taking a decent selfie

So that’s the technical school facet done! however you furthermore mght wish to seem nice in your selfie video right? particularly since you’ll share your pic along with your friends on Facebook & Pinterest. Follow the following pointers to place your best self out there:

1> Good, natural lighting

It’s the #1 rule for taking any pic very. Natural lightweighting is that the key! select the intense light you get next to a window and appearance up towards it instead of having the sunshine behind you. Avoid having unflattering shadows on your face too.

2> search towards the camera

Taking a decent selfie unremarkably is all regarding fidgeting with your angles. clearly during this case, you’re a touch restricted as you wish to follow the virtual try-on’s directions regarding turning your head to the left so to the proper. however keep in mind, your selfie can look higher if your phone or camera is slightly trying down at you.

3> Smile such as you mean it

Try to simply embrace a natural expression and if you’re about to smile, provides it all you’ve got and place your best face out there. And keep in mind, the additional photos you’re taking the higher. you’ll ne’er have too several pic options!

4> shake up your hair

After all you’re on camera! women you may need a slick of lipstick and check out golf shot your hair behind your shoulders or before for a few selfie variations.

With SmartBuyGlasses you’ll look over a hundred and eighty designer eyewear brands safely from the comfort of your couch at absolutely the best costs. benefit of our virtual run to create searching glasses on-line even easier!

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