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With more and more people using the Internet and smart phones, businesses are trying to reach them through a website, which asks for a domain name. With a well-designed website and a suitable domain, you can have more traffic and better conversion rates. A domain name has a major role in attracting the visitors on the Internet. Using a country-specific domain can help your website target local markets. The domain Singapore offers your website an identity and credibility of owning a business in Singapore.

If you run a small business or own a startup in Singapore, you may naturally want to have it known to the local customers. For it, you need to create a website, but before that, you have toregister your domain name. The country-specific top-level domains (TLDs) like ‘.sg’, or ‘’ would be the right choice. You can register it for free if you meet certain requirements. The Singapore domain name like .sg and its variations are better options than the generic TLDs like .com and .net for companies situated in Singapore.

What should you do to register a domain name?

Here are a few things to consider:

Choose a domain name afterchecking the availability

Your website needs a domain name to create a strong online presence and identity. It is very important to choose a domain name and an extension, which suits your business and location.Once you choose and register your domain name, your website will be available to the customers, who can know your business and products and send queries and feedback. It will be an important mode of communication for your business until you own the website. You can keep it for a long time as your identity.

For this reason, domain registration requires some planning and strategy. Some important points to keep in mind while choosing the domain name are:

  • Always select a domain that reflects your business, or service
  • Select a domain name, which can represent your brand
  • Have the one that is easy to pronounce
  • Choose or .sg extensionsfor Singapore-based business
  • Focus on having a simple and short name
  • Do not use the name that infringes copyright
  • Be creative instead of compromising, in case the domain name is not available
  • Have a name with keyword combinations that explain your business

Find a suitable registrar

Selecting a registrar is very important before your register your domain. Check whether the registrar can help you to choose the right name for your website. Apart from this, the registrarshould charge reasonable price for registration and renewal of your website. You have to renew your domain name every year to have access to your website. Therefore, it is a good practice to make sure there is no hidden cost applied. If you find the offer too good to be true, then stay away from it unless you are very sure that the registrar is genuine.

Furthermore, the registrar you choose should not charge a high price for transferring your registrar, if needed. You can change the registrar after 60 days of registering your website. If you are unsatisfied with the services,you can change to another service provider.

Find the best hosting company with good web designing professionals

Once you have registered your website, it is time that you find a good web hosting company to host your website. You can approach a hosting service provider, who can also offer web designing to help build a great website.

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