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Social Media Marketing


Your website’s SEO can be boosted in multiple ways and methods, and Social Media Marketing is one of those methods that works best to this effect. As a marketing tool, Social Media Platforms are highly relevant because of their humongous popularity, terrific usage and unimaginable audience engaging capacity. If there is a market, it is the Digital Marketers’ job to go check its worthiness, viability and relevance. If it is a pond, it is worth trying to fish there. It is as simple as that. If it is an ocean, why not? Only what remains to be seen is how well Online Marketing Consultant Australia can be used to boost your SEO. Let us see them below.

Types of Social Media Platforms

Though let us not try to categorise Social Media Platforms vertically, we can try to classify them based on their widely used purposes for practical marketing reasons. They can be Fun, Humour  or Entertainment Centric, Business or Career Centric, Younger Audience Centric, Research Centric, Momentary Experience Sharing, Learning, Passing Time, Social Engagement, News, Events & Trends, etc.

As we see, Facebook is more of Fun or Entertainment Centric, Social Engagement and Passing Time; LinkedIn – Business or Career Centric; Instagram and SnapChat – Younger Audience Centric & Momentary Experience Sharing, Pinterest – Research Centric; Twitter – Social Engagement, News, Events & Trends, Fun or Entertainment Centric; YouTube – Fun, Humour, Entertainment, Research, Learning and News, Events & Trends.

Moreover, based on the type of content published, Social Platforms vary as Image & Text (Facebook), Short Text & Image/Infographic/Video (Twitter), Long Text and Image/Infographic/Video (LinkedIn), YouTube (Videos), Photo & Short/Long Sharing (Instagram and SnapChat).

Based on the type of audience using the platform predominantly, we can classify Social Media Platforms as Young Males & Females (Instagram and SnapChat), Individuals for Personal/Family Purposes (Facebook), Professionals & Working Class for Career/Business Advancement and Job Related Tasks (LinkedIn).

Based on the impression and social positioning that Social Media Platforms create for you, they can be termed as Official (LinkedIn), Expression of Fun, Mood and Lifeside (Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat), Skill, Workmanship and Artistry (Pinterest),  and Entertaining, Educating or Spreading Awareness (YouTube).

Scope of Social Media Platforms

Every Social Media Platform has its own set of capabilities in terms of Content Reach, Audience Reach and Reputation Building.

Content Reach: Personal updates, jokes and fun, new or regular interaction, business and news content to followers and open audiences, ads and promoted content to potential target audience. Modes of content reach include streaming content in the Timeline, Pages, Groups, Side Panels, Profile Pages, Comment Sections, General and Filtered Searches, Hashtags, Forwarded/Shared Content/Posts, Organic & Paid Posts. etc. Different contents promoted can be Short or Long Text Posts, Images, Infographics, Videos, Messaging, Website Links and Downloadable Content.

Audience Reach: To new, repeat and segmented audiences.

Reputation Building: Based on the nature and relevance of the platform and its user base comprising demographic/psychographic audience, your profile page and quality of your content posts, your reputation is determined.

Knowledge about Social Media Platforms

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Social Media & SEO Strategy Fit

There is absolutely no doubt about Social Media Platforms’ ability to boost your SEO but it has to be checked for their strategic fit with your SEO objectives. You have to check the strategic match between the nature of your business and Social Media Platforms that you are thinking of using to boost your SEO with. For example, if you are selling office furniture and you are planning to use Instagram to promote your range of products, this is a complete misfit.

Because Instagram being a photo sharing social media platform is ideal for sharing photos of funny moments, emotions and feelings, and also extensively used by the younger generation who are not potential prospects for buying your office furniture.

On the contrary if you want to reach out to the younger audience for your lifestyle products and accessories through LinkedIn platform which is typically a social platform for professionals and corporate people, it is again a misfit.

Having said, Facebook can be used for promoting personal or household products. Any attempt to to promote hitech software solutions and if you expect quality backlinks to your website, it is definitely a wild goose chase with no purpose achieved. Facebook posts are usually seen and followed for fun, interesting stories and personal updates. So, it is not an ideal platform for boosting your website’s SEO if you are into highly technical software or products. For such cases, Facebook does not give you the right results.

You may use the following checklist to analyse the Social Media Platforms before choosing them to use them for promoting your website SEO.

  • Analyse the nature of the Social Media Platform
  • Check its purpose
  • Study its audiences
  • The content quality of the social media
  • The ability of the social media to attract clicks to your website
  • The time of usage by its users
  • The relevance of the Social Media Pages & Groups to your website if you plan to promote through them. (Otherwise, you can create new Pages or Groups)
  • Relevance of your existing Followers
  • Your Social Media Profile content
  • The Platforms’ overall content’s match with your website content such as keywords, product description, meta tags and description, etc.


If you plan to use Social Media Platforms to boost your SEO, give utmost attention to all the finer details because each and everything that is done well helps your SEO and those missed out or messed up negates your SEO. Everything matters and affects the overall scores of the SEO. What started well should be sustained to the end including the quality of the images and  content, the relevance of the content published, the timing of publishing and the quality of interactions. Any improvements and gaps go a long way in boosting or deflating your SEO. So, give the importance day your SEO process deserves.

If you hire a qualified SEO Professional Team, they will do all things perfect and ensure all things are delivered as per standard protocols and your goals fulfilled. So, it is highly advisable to engage an SEO Professional Team who are both good at understanding Social Media Marketing and with expert SEO skills, your job is done. Click here for more information:

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