8 Helpful Tips in Eliminating Cluttered Spaces at Home

8 Helpful Tips in Eliminating Cluttered Spaces at Home


Most homeowners deal with the struggle of their home always cluttered no matter how they try to, well, declutter. A cluttered living space can negatively impact both your physical and mental health. The pile of spare materials you thought you’d still be able to use in the near future, but they have been in the same spot for years. The dust building up and spaces becoming a haven for pests. And you can’t seem to want to clean them for some reason! Seeing all these eyesores can add to your stress and anxiety, especially in the new normal while we are in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are 8 Helpful Tips in Eliminating Cluttered Spaces at Home:

  1. Make it a practice to make your bed as soon as you get up. Take this as your first small accomplishment. This way, you get to start your day right and have a positive mindset as you go along your day.
  2. Have a regular decluttering schedule. Do every month or two. Doing this on a regular basis is much easier than turning your house upside down once a year just to get rid of all the things you will never use again in the future. Donate your old clothes stuff. You can even sell them. Stop. Hoarding. Already!
  3. Call for professional help. You can contact house cleaning services, pest control, plumbers or even landscapers and designers when necessary. Accept the fact that there are things that you cannot have DIY solutions for. This may be the right time to remodel and redecorate and add more life and energy at home after decluttering.Also, for already existing mold growth for example, companies for mold remediation St Petersburg and other professional services are just a call away.
  4. Include tidying up in your daily task. Nothing can compare to coming home to a clean kitchen, or a made bed, or well arranged books on your shelf. Allot at least 15 minutes of your time daily to do these small fixes. Try to get as clean and organized as possible and maximize your quick minutes.
  5. Put labels on your storage. Not labeling the boxes where you keep all your old stuff will make you forget you had those things and you tend to buy them again and again. The next thing you know, those storage boxes have already occupied a lot more space in your home than they should.
  6. Declutter as a family. Share the burden, and enjoy the benefits of a decluttered home together. Assign small daily decluttering tasks to each family member and assemble them every month or so for a bigger cleanup regular session.
  7. Reuse. Recycle. Minimize your trash. Avoid buying as your quick fix for items that you need to use. Maintain your tools in good condition so you get to use them longer. Remove the need for storing mails and go paperless for your bills and regular notices. Recycle containers and jars, or use them for other purposes instead of buying new ones and keep the old ones in the attic or storage rooms, adding to your clutter.
  8. Change your storage method. Instead of arranging them side by side, try to create vertical storage spaces for your boxes. Minimize your floor size and maximize your room height for storage.

A well organized home space can be visually appealing. It helps promote positivity and a relaxed feeling at home. At the end of it all, it will improve your lifestyle, make you appreciate your home instead of seeing everything as a chore.

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