Types Of Draft Beer Systems

Types Of Draft Beer


A draft beer system might appear complicated at the first glance. Once the basics of draft beer installation and the system as a whole are understood, it seems simple. When one is considering installing or redesigning a draft beer system at his/her pub, bar, brewery, restaurant, or home, it is important to understand the different available types. The motive of every draft beer system is to move beer from the keg to the faucet in the shortest span without damaging the system. The design of each system varies in terms of the parts involved, the process, and the costs included.

Glycol cooled remote beer system

It is one of the most popular draft beer systems. Furthermore, it is the preferred choice for a long-draw dispensing setup. The system can run a minimum of 25 feet or longer and has the potential to maintain a cool temperature and deliver chilled beer even at long distances. With the presence of the cold air in the walk-in cooler of the glycol-cooled remote beer system, the beer in the keg remains chilled.

 The flow of glycol via the coolant lines ensures to dispense the cold temperature of draft beer from the walk-in cooler and deliver to the dispensing tap at the demanded temperature. It is more expensive than the other types of draft beer systems.

Air-cooled beer system

The draft beer system utilizes the circulation of cold air so that the beer can be kept cold in the walk-in cooler, beer lines, and till the faucet. Before glycol cooled remote beer systems came into the limelight, the process of forcing chilled air from the walk-in cooler to faucet tap was the only method available. The cost of air-cooled draft beer installation is relatively lower, making them a great choice among beer enthusiasts or start-up restaurant owners.

Direct draw beer system

This is perhaps the most commonly used draft beer system for delivering beer from keg to faucet tap across a short distance. The direct draw beer system is the preferred choice for bars and pubs with the beer kegs situated within a few feet of the beer dispensing faucet. The majority of the commercial keg boxes, refrigerators, and bars equip themselves with direct draw systems.

Like an air-cooled beer system, the direct draw beer system is also a less expensive option than the glycol cooled remote beer system. Furthermore, the system also has the added advantage of wasting minimal beer, thanks to the short length of the beer lines. The expense of the direct draw beer system depends on the equipment used, the number of beer lines, and installation quality.


When a draft beer installation is considered, it is vital to ensure that the system is rightly balanced, and the temperature-controlled beer from the kegs to the taps is dispensed to deliver the perfect pour and pint. Depending on the requirements, and the existing setup of the restaurant, pub, bar, or brewery, one must choose the type of draft beer installation. Furthermore, the budget also plays a vital role.

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