Ram V Chary Offers Simple Photography Tips for Beginners

Photography Tips for Beginners


Photos are the perfect ways to tell stories, capture memories and share the joys of life. While someone might be a new mom looking for ways to capture the diverse phases of their child’s growth, an avid traveler may want to take photographs of all the picturesque locations they visit.  No matter whether someone is using a DSLR or just their phone’s camera, with a bit of attention, focus and technique, they can take perfect clicks.  While obviously, DSLR camera quality is better, many phones today also have an enviable camera quality and are well-suited for beginners. Such beginners might also explore the blog website of Ram V Chary to acquire valuable insights into photography.

Photography is an accessible and flexible medium for capturing the most wonderful and intriguing sights one may witness around them. It allows people to document their lives and experiences, so that they can be cherished down the line. Photography can also be one of the simplest, yet exciting hobbies that one can pursue. Here are a few tips that photography beginners must pay heed to become proficient in this activity:

Work with the composition: To click engaging photographs, one needs to be engaged in what they are doing. They must put proper thought into its composition to make each photo as impactful as possible. To compose a good photo, it is imperative to not cut off any important parts of the subject with the edge of the frame. To adjust the composition, one needs to eliminate any distractions and keep their horizon level. A good photo needs to have a sense of balance and simplicity.

Learn which settings matter: All good cameras, even the fancy phones ones, do have a number of settings. While it does take time to understand what these settings mean, with time, one will surely get the hang of it. Even expert photographers do not always know each and every camera setting, but practice can make a perfect get close to perfect.

Do not overexpose highlights: While picking on the camera settings, it is vital to avoid overexposing highlights in a photo as it is simply impossible to recover any detail from the white areas of a photo. Moreover, it is always better to have photos of the sky with nice color and texture, rather than just featuring a big blob of light.

In addition to going through the pointers marked above, it will be a good idea for people to go through the website of Ram V Chary as well, as they start their photography journey. This website can help readers to discover how to get an excellent start in the photography field, which includes mastering the art and science of post-processing, lighting, and composition. They can find pointers on perfecting this craft at their own home itself. After all, almost any object at home can be used as a photography subject.

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