Preparing Your Bug-Out Bag With Your Kids

Bug-Out Bag


Even if you do not want to use any of the survival kits and supplies that you have prepared before, your preparedness will give you and your family the opportunity to survive even the most dangerous situation.

Preparing your bug-out bags will be a good bonding between you and your kids while teaching them the things they need to know in case an emergency situation happens. It will be an advantage for them if they have enough knowledge on what to do when a disaster strikes.

Since the Covid19 Virus is still a threat and you feel like buying those kinds of stuff one by one will be uncomfortable, check out this bug-out bag. You can buy a pre-packed survival bag from them and deliver it right in front of your door.

What is a Bug-Out Bag?

Bug-out bags are the ready-packed bag that you prepared beforehand in case of emergency situations. A bag that you can carry right away if evacuation is needed and you have to leave your home as quickly as possible.

Your bug-out bags should carry all the essential supplies that you will be needing while outside your home. This bag should have standard weight so that you can easily carry them along. 

What’s Inside Your Bug-Out Bag? 

You can tell your kids that these were the basic and must-have things that your bug-out bags should contain and explain to them one by one why these things are essential for survival. You can add things up depending on your family’s needs and preferences. 

Survival Tools – Survival tools include multi-purpose tools, flashlights, whistles, signal mirrors, duct tapes, and ropes. 

First Aid Kit – Your first-aid kits should include antiseptic wipes, band-aids, over-the-counter medicines, your family member’s prescription medicines, pain relievers, gauze, plasters, ointments, and some basic medical tools.           

Bottled Water and Ready-to-Eat Food – Water is essential for your survival so this is a must-have in your bug-out bags. You should also pack with you some ready-to-eat foods rich in proteins to fuel your energy during stressful times.

Chargers and Batteries – Chargers and extra batteries will keep your gadgets and cellphones charged. Solar chargers and hand crank chargers were also recommended in case needed during power outages.

Matches and Lighter – This will serve as your fire starter in case you need fire either to keep you warm, for cooking, or to light up the place in case your cellphones and flashlights’ batteries were drained.

SleepingPads- This will give you a little comfort in sleeping and allows you to rest for a while to gain more strength for the next day.

Toiletries – Toiletries such as wipes, tissues, soaps, toothbrush, and toothpaste is needed for your own health and sanitation purposes.

Clothing – Bring extra clothes in case you will be needing to change because of wetness or excessive dirt. Long sleeves and long pants will protect you from cold weather and animal bites. 

What to Consider Preparing Your Bug-Out Bag 

One important thing to consider when preparing your bug-out bag is the weight. A standard emergency bag should only weigh around 10 to 40 lbs. Determine the weight that your body can carry even if you have to go through a long walk in the case of road closures.

Your bug-out bag should be waterproof so that the things inside will be protected from rainwater or floods. For additional protection, you should also consider putting your sensitive survival supplies inside a waterproof container or pouches.  Almost all your survival supplies should be prevented from getting wet like your important documents, matches, batteries, cellphones, and others.

Learning how to organize your bug-out bags will be to your advantage. You cannot put so much time searching for a single thing in a real-life emergency situation, you have to think and act fast for you to survive. Pack your things according to their classification and purpose. Pack lightweight items on top of heavy items to prevent them from squashing down.

Preparedness is the key to survival during emergencies. So as early as now, your household should have these bag-out bags ready anytime. Plan your future well, stay safe everyone.

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