Cannabis strains to get you utmost relaxation

Strawberry Cough


It’s wouldn’t be accurate to say that every marijuana strain provides a feeling of relaxation. Few sativa-dominant marijuana strains, can give users an uplifting and energizing feeling. These strains are well-known to raise levels of energy and focus. These and even result in creativity.

Whereas indica strains are known to provide extraordinary stress-relief benefits. They are the traditional way of relaxing as far as cannabis-based relaxation is concerned.

Delta 8 gummys are the best flavored gummies in the market for relaxation of the mind and body.

However, selecting the world-class marijuana strain for relaxation isn’t as easy as the conventional indica and sativa debate. The THC-to-CBD ratio of a strain also plays an important role. As you may know, THC is a active compound in cannabis plant. It can produce uplifting effects, but excessive high levels of THC can result in unwanted side-effects.

1. Strawberry Cough

This is a very unusual marijuana strain for relaxation as it is 80% sativa dominant. But it gets the task done for many people. The strain is known for the strong strawberry fragrance and taste, but it also has a very high THC level of up to 23%. And as a reason of this, only highly-experienced cannabis consumers rely on it for relaxation. If you are new to this, you may encounter negative effects.

Apart from the flavor, this strain gets its name as it produces a cloud of thick, hardy smoke. Even the experienced cannabis consumers cough when consuming it.

2 – Mr. Nice

This 80% indica dominant strain is named after thelegendary cannabis activist, Howard Marks. Biography of Howard, ‘Mr. Nice,’ released in 1996, and it showed in detail the life story of  an international marijuana trafficker. The strain is a cross between G-13 and Hash plant. It also bagged second position in the 2004 High Life Cup.

3 – Willy’s Wonder

There is a certain debate whether this indica-dominant strain is named after Willie Nelson. It’s been here since 1970s, and as many people know, Nelson is a huge lover of cannabis.

Cannabis users who are in need of relaxation must tread carefully with this strain, however. Why? Because reports of its THC content vary largely. Some studies show that it can have up to 21% THC, while others exclaim that it is as high as 30%! That is a huge difference, so be careful and do not over consume. The CBD content of Willy Wonder’s is very modest when compared and is less than 1%.

5 – Master Kush

This is a highly 90% indica dominant strain. It was named ‘High Rise’ as according to rumor it originated in Amsterdam. After winning two Cannabis Cup awards, Master Kush is the most popular and sought marijuana strain in the market today.

It has a THC level as high as 24%, and also produces a constant CBN and CBD percentage. It has high indica content, which means that it has the capability of bringing your body into extreme relaxation within minutes of consuming it.

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