Photography Tips – Let Your Husband Turn You Into an Instagram Beauty Queen!

Photography Tips


A moment cannot be more perfect than having your partner – your boyfriend or husband walking with you, and you pass by a popular cafe or a local tourist spot – and he takes amazing pictures of you.

The key to taking a good Instagram-able photo is when your husband willingly offers to do it for you and knows the tricks on how to do it. If your husband or boyfriend still has no idea how, you can show him these ten tips:

1. Observe symmetry in taking photos. Make him be aware of the patterns in the background – the lines, the circles, the contrast of colors, etc. Always apply the rule of thirds (align the subject with the guide lines and their intersection points in a frame – think of an imaginary set of lines that divide the frame into equal thirds, both horizontally and vertically). When you are able to apply the rule of thirds om your framing, look for images in the background that will help align the subject for a perfect shot.

2. Select a good background. It is as important as your subject. Feel free to let your guy know which background you want to have for your gorgeous photo. Highlight a historical site or a heritage house, or maybe the natural formation of the rocks. Make sure that you are going to stand out regardless of how beautiful the background already is – as long as it is not disrespectful to the site, it should only be to compliment your beauty.

3. Use the right lighting. We are used to hearing the phrase “against the light”. Do not let a shot get ruined with incorrect lighting. Take advantage of the natural light as much as possible as it is the most pleasing to the eyes. Use shadows to emphasize your contour. Do not let him shoot against the light unless you are aiming to have a silhouette of your body in that photo. Take advantage of the light from the surroundings, especially at night in places for entertainment in London.

4. Make him capture your movements. A camera phone can dramatically capture a subject’s movement if it is set the right way. If he is not comfortable using the Pro settings, you can pick from the easier options before you take the shot.
However, without much use of the technical skills (or lack of it), he can still take a quality photo if he is able to capture the motions of the subject and make the picture tell a story without the need to say a word. A good example is a photo of you taking a stroll along the beach, or your hair waving in the air, or maybe that when you are looking at a bird flying with amazement.

5. Have a good conversation while taking photos. Allow him to talk to you and make you show that natural reaction on your face when you are amused, or surprised upon hearing a very interesting story. Sometimes, it’s the candid shot that stands out more.

Also, having a conversation takes your mind away from the hassle of getting too focused on taking the photo and making it look beautiful. It has to be an enjoyable experience for both of you.

6. Make him snap your smile. A classic tip from photographers when taking a great photo with a smiling face is to give compliments and appreciation to the person as the subject by letting her know how beautiful you are, for example. For ladies, a simple “I love you” said genuinely by your partner is more than enough for you to flash your best and happiest smile for the camera.

7. Utilize the space in your frame. As a subject, allow yourself to embrace the space that surrounds you. If you are sitting by the beach or walking by the shoreline, let it appear in the photo how much you appreciate the beauty of the surroundings.

8. Experiment. It doesn’t matter if you guys are not professional photographers. You don’t have to be. However, it wouldn’t hurt if you try something new in every shot you take with the camera. Maybe if you could pose a la “vogue” with a boke of street lights in the background? Or take a jump shot in unexpected places. Who knows, you just might find the right angle for your body or your face, and your husband might be able to master that shot!

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