Nabil Fakih – Pharmacists and Their Role in the Society

Nabil Fakih - Pharmacists and Their Role in the Society


Healthcare professionals like pharmacists play a vital role in society. Like doctors, they are an indispensable part of patient care. They provide patients with the information they need regarding the dosage of drugs and their potential side effects. They are compassionate and friendly to help people with both prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Competent pharmacists help in medical support, and this is why you will find pharmaceutical stores in almost every locality across the world.

Finding a good pharmacist for your needs

Nabil Fakih is the owner of an esteemed pharmacy in the USA- Dearborn Heights Pharmacy. He is well-respected for his knowledge and experience when it comes to guiding patients about prescription drug dosage. He says that every pharmacist must make correct entries in patient records and explain the dosage of the drug to the patient. This should be done every time. He says the pharmacist has other roles and responsibilities that include keeping medical profiles computerized so that patients do not make the mistake of combining one drug with others. This record also ensures the patient is following the instructions of the doctor correctly.

Refer patients to the correct over-the-counter drugs for general and minor health conditions

Sometimes people go to their local pharmacy to get over-the-counter medicines and drugs. Here again, the pharmacist will instruct them on how to use the medicine of drugs. For instance, for a minor burn, a person might go to the pharmacy to get an ointment. The pharmacist will check the burn and give the person an ointment to soothe and heal it, or if he feels it needs the attention of a physician, he will direct the person to the right doctor.

Pharmacists engaged in community service

Pharmacists engage in community pharmacies, and most of them undertake the responsibility of managing the business. They buy and sell the non-pharmaceutical merchandise, hire personnel, supervise their activities, and ensure there are no problems in the business’s daily operations.

Doing more than just serving customers

Pharmacies in hospitals again are managed by experienced and skilled professionals. They not only perform their pharmaceutical duties, but they perform managerial tasks as well. They ensure the pharmacy is well-stocked so that people do not face the scarcity of drugs or medicines when needed. The same holds true for clinics. Often pharmacists have the added responsibility to make sterile solutions for emergency room usage and other surgical procedures. They are entrusted with the responsibility of buying medical supplies, performing administrative duties, and instructing interns.

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As per Nabil Fakih many pharmacists continue their education by researching medicines and other drug therapy fields. He says to be a good pharmacist; you must be compassionate, have excellent listening skills, and understand your patient well. He says the knowledge of a pharmacist must be sound and up-to-date so that there is no ambiguity when it comes to an understanding of the dosage of medicine and its correct intake for an illness or a disease.

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