Impact on the Transportation and Logistics Industry Due To Coronavirus

Impact on the Transportation and Logistics Industry Due To Coronavirus


The transportation and logistics industry are one of the most essential services of the modern world, and it plays an integral part in connecting countries around the world. From the start of 2020, most nations have shut down their borders and limited transportation and travel to help minimize the transmission of coronavirus, therefore hampering international trade and transportation.

The coronavirus pandemic hasimpacted economic activity and individuals globally. The logistics industry was hampered in all areas, including across air, sea and road sectors.

According to Statista, the economic impact of COVID-19 on the logistic industry includes a decreaseof 6.1% in gross value added by the sector globally. Also, the global freight forwarding market is estimated to shrink by 7.5% by the end of 2020 compared with 2019. Among road, air and sea, the aviation industry is worst hit by the pandemic.The volume of air freight decreased by 19% worldwide.

The estimated impact on the logistics market varies across countries. In Australia, by the end of March, the number of scheduled flights in Australia was down by 63.1%, going further down to 84.6% in mid-April. As per now, the numbers are still going down, but are slowly recovering.

In this harsh situation, road and railwaysare the only sector of transportation that is continuing and even excelling during this time. Due to air freight not working, trucks have become our primary source of transporting essentials like food, medical supplies, daily essentials and fuel around Australia.

The logistics and transport companies are working hard to maintain their services, particularly for medical supplies and the food supply chain.The truck drivers and logistic operators are on the frontline to fulfil the demand for essential goods.

Every vehicle that is continuously operating to transport necessary goods around Australia is carrying a huge responsibilityto make sure the life of people becomes normal.

In thesecircumstances, protecting the health and safety of logistics and freight transportation workersis very important. Along with the drivers, taking care of the trucks is also equally as essential.

Trucks are being loaded with heavy goods, and the pressure to tyres is higher than ever, after all, it is the only part that connects the vehicle with road. The operators are not getting time for as much regular servicing, which means having high-quality truck tyres has become more important than ever before.

Compromising on the truck tyres can causepunctures, blowouts and belt separation ultimately leading to accidents and you definitely don’t want to risk the life of drivers or other on the roads.

If you are not sure about the appropriate tyre for your vehicle, you can always rely on trusted tyre suppliers like Oceanic Direct. They have years of experience in this filed, which will be perfect for helping you to select the best tyre and rims for your vehicle. Then you can get back on the road faster and get the job done, for all the Australians who need it.

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