How To Tell That You Need A Professional Plumber?

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Plumbing issues are always an eyesore. You would not even realise when a minor leaking becomes a major issue. Something which can be easily fixed by yourself, if left unchecked, can become a major issue that can either be unrepairable or cost you a fortune in its repair. Many times, it is difficult to make out the issue, it’s best to consult a plumber in such cases.

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Signs that you need a plumbing expert now!

1- Slow drainage- if the showers and sink of your home are draining very slowly, it is a hint that there is some sort of waste that is clogging its way. When all the drains of your home are slow in draining, it means that the main sewer system is clogged. This is equivalent to an emergency. You must right away contact the plumber.

2- Wet or dry spots on the ceiling- if your ceiling has some dry spots on it, it is a sign that there is some sort of leakage. Always get the leakage fixed first and second the ceiling otherwise there would always be a threat of the same spots appearing again.

3- Reduced water pressure- if you experience a reduction in the water pressure than usual, then chances are that there is some issue with your supply pipes. A reduced water pressure means clogged supply pipes. This means that it is time to call the plumber.

4- Increased water bills- if you see an exorbitant water bill that doesn’t match the intake of water, chances are that there are some issues with your plumbing that need to be addressed. A leak can drain away all the water which increases the water bill.

5- Gurgling toilet- except for the flush, the toilet is expected to be silent. Your toilet shouldn’t be making sounds when it’s idle. However, if it is making such sounds, it means that there is a clogged severe line.

6- Chipping or peeling paint on the walls of a bathroom- if cracks start to appear on the walls of your bathroom, then it is very obvious that some leakage is happening in the bathroom. A plumber can easily fix this issue.

7- Mould on walls – mould can live in many places but your house should not be one of them. If you see moulds, it is a red sign that you need urgent plumbing service because moulds grow in wet areas and thus, there is a hidden leakage.


It is very undesirable to have leakage in the house. If you spot a leakage or see any of these signs, you must immediately call for an expert plumber because the issue only grows worse with time.

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