History and Future of Dedicated Servers by Onlive Server

History and Future of Dedicated Servers by Onlive Server



IT Sector has seen quite some of the most peculiar and advanced technological developments. Dedicated Servers provide companies with so many advantages that it can fulfill most of your requirements within an instant. There are multiple Cheap Dedicated Server available today with reputed service providers that companies can now opt for. We have also some of thebest available products called Germany Dedicated Serversthat are considered to be one of the best that is currently available in the market.

Dedicated servers have been a part of the hosting sector since 2000, and before the inception of dedicated servers, companies mainly focused on shared hosting services. These services would host websites as well as internet-connected networks thereby virtualizing servers which therefore came to be known as Virtual Private Servers.

Things have changed a lot since that time, and there have been multiple dedicated servers available in the industry, for instance, VPN Dedicated Servers, Gaming Dedicated Serversalong with Proxy Dedicated Servers.These servers are also being used by many companies so that they would receive guaranteed resources along with a conducive environment wherein hardware is not shared with any other company.

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There are multiple reasons where companies would choose dedicated servers over conventional shared services. Since the latter provides guaranteed resources giving you optimum performance along with great website speed as well. These servers would also provide increased control along with security providing an environment that can be customized as per your requirements.

History of Dedicated Servers

Shared Servers began its hold in the IT industry since the early 1990s, since this was the time when the internet started gaining traction. This was also the time when companies began establishing the initial versions of the web pages. There were some cost-effective solutions available in earlier times for site hosting without additional costs for dedicated servers.

Dedicated Servers became much popular over the years, and this exponentially increased the demands of business processes. These demands have also caused hackers and other regulations have adjusted as per the current business landscape. The inception of dedicated servers caused companies to choose them over the shared hosting services, and that is what was chosen by them in the long run.

Some of the earlier versions of Dedicated Servers provided specifications, for instance, 650MHz CPU offered by the Pentium III Processor, over 128 MB of SDRAM, and over 15 GB of storage options. This was essentially the top choice of most of the companies as dedicated servers were considered to be one of the most secure alternatives in terms of network protection among other advantages.

Existing and Future Trends

Whenever a server’s CPU performance is tracked, then they are tracked as per the amount of MHz or Megahertz, and this quantity can even increase with the increase in the number of cores. Most of the available dedicated servers now come bundled up with over 24 cores, and they can provide companies with solutions that are crafted as per their business demands.

The storage technology has also changed drastically with the introduction of storage dedicated servers. The variant of Hard Disk Drives or HDDs that are making use of spinning disks that would then be read by sensors on automated arms that were present in the originally dedicated servers. In the coming years, the overall capacity of the servers would be increased to hundreds of Gigabytes.

Along with the change in scale, these premium dedicated servers would also feature the new and improved Solid-State Drives or SSDs. They offer a significant amount of advantages concerning the performance over the other Hard Disk Drives. In the coming years, the trends mainly state that these SSDs would become a vital industry standard for all of these dedicated servers. These cores would also be replaced eventually with all the SSDs thereby ensuring that they would become a measure of power.

These dedicated servers would also provide increased performance, and this has caused increased and faster performance. This would also be much easier for companies in their actual deployment phase. Deploying these dedicated servers usually took up a lot of time, even a couple of weeks. Some of the process steps included installing the hardware manually, setting up the software suites, connecting, and then troubleshooting the server, all of this essentially took up a considerable amount of time. But now that time has reduced to just about 48 hours.

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Another important advantage in this aspect is the introduction of automation as part of the deployment procedure. This has essentially made managing servers much easier over the years, and it has even helped service providers to have a large number of servers while simultaneously installing updates and applying vital software patches for added security.

Dedicated Servers – As of Today

Today the landscape has moved forward with the introduction of Fully Managed Dedicated Servers. These servers are one step ahead of the other cheap dedicated servers that are available to provide continuous software updates, latest security patches, and even maintenance of the current LAMP infrastructure stack, which is a combination of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. These servers essentially provide astounding performance improvements and they are priced very fairly.

Along with the next-level performance upgrades that it provides you, businesses would save many of the additional server maintenance costs that would otherwise be incurred. Some of the specifications that are offered by this server mainly include an optimum Content Distribution Network, a custom hosting panel along with great DDoS protection.

Another advantage that is offered by the dedicated servers which are a requirement for companies is its great uptime. Some of the companies offer dedicated servers with close to 100% uptime, which is a seemingly great advantage to have.

It also needs to be noted that some of the top websites are powered by dedicated servers themselves, and this is happening for quite some time now. Since there is a need for the internet and for businesses to evolve accordingly, the use of dedicated servers would always make a positive impact.


As we have seen in some of the sections above, the Germany Dedicated Server have had a long and steady evolution over the years. This has essentially even helped many other companies to divert their attention towards them, and it would continue its long run in its successive years.

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