Critiques on Approval Voting

Critiques on Approval Voting


When you need better leaders, you must go down the ground and participate in the voting process. With an election in mind, approval voting as it is the best election process where voters come out with the best leaders. The system is favorable as voters make the right decision to elect trustworthy leaders.

As a voter, you need to understand all the critiques on approval voting and see if you’re still okay with it. Here is an article of critiques on approval voting that every state, voter, or aspiring leader should know before choosing to use it. The information is evident as it gives an excellent platform for better leaders. Here they include!

1. Approval Voting is Expensive

The cost of service becomes the primary factor to consider before you give a try. As far as it seems like a good and reliable process, it is one of the most expensive methods any state can invest in. Unlike other voting methods such as plurality voting, approval voting requires more planning terms and expenses for voting and anything else involved. It entails different stages, such as bulleting buttons, which all need a lot in terms of finances. For a country that is not rich in financial resources, this system is not one to go for.

2. It Doesn’t Elect Majority Winner

Unfortunately, the use of approval voting doesn’t elect the majority winner as everyone expects from a voting process. Since the best candidate is determined with the choice of the majority candidate elect. It fails to account for will result in the electing of minority candidates who don’t promise an excellent plan to the people.

Moreover, the election is a long process, and it involves a couple of candidates aspiring for a specific position. Therefore, approval voting doesn’t only hinder electing minority candidates but also incontinence when choosing the best candidate.

3. The Approval Voting is too Novel

This is one of the critiques you likely to get when using the approval voting system. Unlike all the single-winner voting techniques, approval voting has the contradicting feel the plurality voting. This makes the system inconvenient for the election of one or more candidates. Moreover, it isn’t easy to switch the voting system to single-winner elections without applying this approval voting method.

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Many voters still get stranded on what to do when selecting their preferred candidates. So, the use of approval voting can be confusing for the clueless voters who may choose just any candidate without proper consideration.


Getting good candidates in an election entails a lot on your part as a voter, which also means they must fully understand the voting process. So, some of the candidates’ campaign tirelessly convinces voters to elect them despite portraying poor leadership qualifications; this has been rampant in the voting processes where approval voting is applied as it gives room for campaign difficulties. Those are some critics to approval voting even though it also comes with its share of positive sides.

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