Bed Sheets


No matter what your sleeping style is, there is a type of bed sheet to suit your needs. Bamboo sheets would be ideal for you if you’re an over-the-top snorer and have trouble sleeping. Noiseless Egyptian cotton will be perfect for the job if you’re a light sleeper. If all that noise isn’t enough to keep you from falling asleep and waking up refreshed every morning, silk sheets could be your go-to material.

With so many bed sheet sets, how do you decide which is best for your needs? Here’s a breakdown of the most popular bed sheet materials and what they’re best used for.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets: Two words. Luxurious and Soft. This bed sheet is typically expensive but well worth the price tag if you want to splurge on some good night’s sleep. Most Egyptian cotton is cultivated in Egypt, hence the name, and it’s one of the most durable and softest materials used to make bed sheets. It keeps you cool in summer and dry in winter and can be a good choice for those whose skin remains sensitive even when sleeping during these seasons.

With that said, Egyptian cotton is not all good. Because of its delicate composition, you’ll have to wash it regularly. If you don’t do this, it can become a musty smell and puffy. Also, some say Egyptian cotton bed sheets are not as durable as other materials and don’t last as long. However, this can be avoided by looking for high-quality Egyptian cotton that has been woven tightly.

Cotton Sheets: Cotton is one of the most popular materials used to make bed sheets because it’s affordable and easy to come by. It’s not only durable but also breathable and comfortable to sleep on.

Cotton bed sheets can be the perfect choice for you if you’re planning to buy your first set of bed sheets because it’s easy to find and affordable. They can also be beneficial if you live in a climate with extreme temperature changes during the year since cotton is naturally breathable and absorbs moisture, keeping your body cool during hot summer nights and warm during chilly winter nights.

However, while cotton is considered a durable material, it doesn’t have the same longevity as Egyptian cotton or silk bed sheets because it doesn’t last as long when washed regularly. This can be avoided if you get the best quality cotton sheets that have not only been made from pure, 100% cotton but have also been woven tightly.

Silk Sheets: Silk bed sheets are typically the priciest type of material made for bed sheets. Made by reeling silk threads and twisting them into a yarn, this material is exceptionally soft, breathable, and luxurious to feel. With its quick-drying nature, silk is also very durable and naturally resistant to molds, stains, and bacteria, so it’s perfect for those with allergies or sensitive skin.

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