Anouk Govil – Learn the Right Surfing Etiquette

Anouk Govil - Learn the Right Surfing Etiquette


When you are fond of a sport, you first must know its rules well. The same holds for surfing. If you are aware of its rules, you can avert accidents, injuries, and misunderstanding when surfing waves on the water. It might take you some time to know about surfing etiquette; however, it is worth it. The sport is fantastic, and every time you venture out on the sea, you will have a tremendous experience.

Anouk Govil is a student of Economics and presently in her senior year in college. She is from New York in the USA. During one of her trips to Ventura County, she went surfing. She fell in love with surfing the first time, and now whenever she is free, she takes the opportunity to venture out into the sea to surf.

Understand the right-hand wave

She says the first rule for you to remember in surfing etiquette understands the fundamentals of the right-of-way rule. This means if you are close to the peak of the wave, you will always have top priority. If you are paddling for this right-hand wave and you see another surfer on the left, you should allow him or her to prioritize.

Paddle wide on the waters and do not go through the peak

In context to the above, you should paddle wide. You should not go through the wave’s peak. You might find another surfer following this in the surf line. You must stay on the water and do not get caught in this peak. The surfer that is in the water the farthest will get the priority. You should focus on the rule of conduct over the priority of waves when you surf.

When you are surfing, remember you should not drop in. This means “never.” It is a basic rule of surfing tenets- one person should get one wave. If you do not go by the right of way rules, you are disrespecting your fellow surfer. In case you decide to drop in, you not only risk damaging your boards, but you face the risks of injuries as well. It is wise for you to be safe over sorry.

Snaking is not healthy; it is a sign of disrespect

Many surfers believe that snaking is entirely acceptable and normal. However, it is a sign of being very disrespectful to your fellow surfers, especially when there are several surfers out there in the waters. It would help if you paddled your way to the peak of the wave and did not go around other surfers that already have the priority. In the waters, you will find multiple waves pass by. You need to be patient. Your turn will come, and you can enjoy surfing like the rest.

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Anouk Govil has the mission to add more valuable information when it comes to surfing on her micro-site. She wishes to educate people and spread awareness on the sport under a single platform. This will help them to understand the sport better and enjoy surfing without disrespecting others.

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