A quick guide to field service scheduling

A quick guide to field service scheduling


Holding clients happy is just as critical for your team as closing sales. It seems as simple as putting the right man on the right job, but adding numerous data sources and insufficient time to coordinate the operations can be painfully complicated fast. On the other hand, since nothing is more frustrating than a non-reactive organization, you don’t want your client to wait too long for maintenance and service.You need a robust field service scheduling that helps you to improve the quality, reactivity, and efficiency of your service. That’s where Visual Planning’s field service scheduling program comes in.

You are assured of achieving the best results by using Visual Preparation for field service management. You get a user-friendly framework to handle your after-sales activities, assign your teams, schedule your activities, and easily monitor the needs of your customers, fulfilling all your unique requirements.

Visual Preparation provides you with insight into your resource distribution and allows your field service team to drive productivity and quality. It enables you to get your clients the best value possible. With service company scheduling software solution, only one click away is saying goodbye to delays, double bookings, and unbilled jobs. 

For support team

  • Schedule and maximize shifts from your support teams
  • Since no company performs exactly the same way, build your own process flow. Then why would you have a fixed structure to conform to?
  • Keep a full list of all the clients’ work orders and therefore provide a complete history of customer contact in real-time.
  • Track the availability (vehicles, supplies, etc.) of any single resource
  • Protect the privacy of your data and clients by various levels of user rights
  • I am using dedicated team discussion and collaboration engagement platforms to increase the flow of knowledge and teamwork between various departments.
  • To assess the effectiveness of your support teams and resource allocation, build and customize your real-time reports to
  • Track and postpone due dates for an improved customer experience

 Interventions in the field

  • Assign the staff work orders-work orders may be delegated to various team members, taking into account their availability, workload, and location.
  • Organize your rounds based on the availability of your technicians.
  • You still know what is being used and what is available to track the allocation of equipment.
  • Be mobile: get critical data and change work orders directly from the field via a tablet or smartphone in no time.
  • Integrate the contracts for maintenance
  • Monitor the real-time status of field-driven activities and due dates

Without effective management of time, costs, and capital, few firms can remain competitive in today’s field service climate. Despite this, a whopping 52 percent of organizations in field service still manually organize work and execute functions. Adopting complex, automated scheduling tools will free up time to focus on team growth and revenue maximization. We share the advantages of using automated field service scheduling software, and the pain points eradicated in this article.

Without effective management of time, costs, and capital, few firms can remain competitive in today’s field service climate.

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