Why is Stainless Steel Nails a Better Choice for Cedar Roofing

Why is Stainless Steel Nails a Better Choice for Cedar Roofing


Many homeowners opt for Cedar roofs now because of its many benefits. Cedar wood lasts longer, and is easier on the pocket. Hence, it is a favorable option when it comes to roofing. At the same time, cedar wood roofs are pretty much energy efficient, and offers a natural insulation more than that of asphalt shingles. For majority of homeowners who have a cedar roof, also has to keep in mind the right kind of roofing materials that is to be used when the roof will require repairs. The choice of nails in this plays a crucial role.

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This is because the longevity of the roof and how well it can handle the extreme weather conditions is dependent on the choice of nails. For many obvious reasons, experts in roofing only go with stainless steel nails.

Stainless steel nails have many positive features that makes it an ideal choice for handing roof repairs. Many are unknown of these feature, and that is why they end up choosing the wrong materials. Following are the benefits of opting for stainless steel nails when it comes to cedar roofing repair or maintenance job:

Corrosion resistant property- That is the most significant positive trait of stainless steel nails. They have the highest degree of corrosion resistance ability. Type 304 and 316 stainless steel nails are the chosen ones. Perfect for properties that are close to the coast. Stainless steel nails do not give up easily to rust and corrosion when exposed to moisture.

It can be easily recycled- In modern times, the concept is to give back to nature as much as possible. That is why there is a growing demand for using things that can be easily recycled. Stainless steel nails are a preferred roofing material for just that purpose. Once the stainless steel nails are put to use, they can be pulled out later, melted and formed into something else. It does not go to waste, but being easily recyclable, it finds its better usage in something else.

Stainless steel nails are durable- No one wants to get involved in a hassle with the roof every now and then. If the nails used during the construction process or the repairs are not good, then they will need to be replaced time and again. That is going to be a labor intensive process and  costly one too. Comparatively, stainless steel nails come with a longer lifespan. They are durable, and does not need frequent replacements. That helps in saving a lot of money on roof repair projects.

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Not every homeowner will know what is good, and what is bad for their home repair jobs. They have to remember, however, one simple thing. The roof is one of the important structural part of a house. Hence, when it comes to repairs of the same, homeowners should be aware of what kind of nails are being used in for the repair process. Especially, for all those who have a cedar roof, should use stainless steel nails. Talk to one of the roofing contractors who are best in terms of providing highest quality materials, service and craftsmanship.

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