Victoria Barbara – Create A Dramatic Look with Trendy Statement Headbands

Create A Dramatic Look with Trendy Statement Headbands


When it comes to hair accessories, statement headbands are in vogue this year. The bulkier, the better! These headbands are available in different colors, fabrics, and patterns. Some come with attractive embellishments like sequins and ruched roses. You can choose a trendy headband and pair it with the right outfit to create a chic summer look!

Victoria Barbara and 2020 style tips for statement headbands

Victoria Barbara is a well-loved and respected fashion blogger from New York famous for her street style and high-end fashion. When it comes to statement headbands, she says they date back to the early ’80s and ’90s. Older women must have worn them as little girls. During that time, these headbands were mostly made from velvet. They enhanced any dress as they looked classy. They are back in 2020, and they are perfect for the woman who loves fashion and is playful in nature. They are great with cocktail dresses, jeans, and ballgowns. You can even wear them with sneakers, shorts, and leisurewear. In fact, if you see some of the most popular fashion bloggers online, you will find that most of them have indeed made signature headbands a signature style statement.

Statement headbands are not limited to long hair

Note, statement headbands are meant for everyone. Even if you do not have long wavy tresses, this should not deter you from sporting an attractive statement headband when you want to. They are even meant for short and really short hair. The bulky ones are large to make you look like you are wearing a crown or a hat. Some headbands remind you of the Elizabethan era ideal for women that have long hair with a middle parting. Widely popular back in the 16th and the 20th century, these statement headbands are back in 2020 for you to flaunt with pride.

The statement headband has utility as well

Besides being a major fashion accessory for 2020, the statement headband also has its uses. It keeps annoying hair off your face. They are fabulous, and the best part is that even older women are wearing them for a unique look. The trend can be both regal and juvenile. You just need to decide what you are comfortable with. Leopard prints are quite popular among women. Ideal for beach and loungewear, you can choose these headbands in bright and vibrant colors that match your outfit. These headbands can be adjusted as per your needs, so you do not have to worry about them falling off.

Victoria Barbara says in order to get style inspirations for statement headbands, you should visit the sites of prominent fashion bloggers. The ones decorated with pearls are a super hit this season; however, she says that if you do not like the flashy look, you can choose the simple ones with classic prints. If you are an older woman, choose a statement headband that is age-appropriate. You can get several style inspirations online. Fabric strips are cool, and they look awesome on both long and short hair.

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