Tips for beginners to invest in share market smoothly

Tips for beginners to invest in share market smoothly


Everyone is searching a quick and an easy way to make them climb the ladder of success. One of most popular ways to become rich in instantly is investing in share market. We all know so many stories where people have made significant profits overnight. Although, there are so many reverse stories as well where investors had to suffer huge losses. The key to making profit is knowing the right knack of in which shares you must invest and when. If you are new to the share market here are some tips that would help you understand the stock market and invest better way to make profits. These tips are to understand the market in a better way as beginner and not the trading tips to make instant profit.

1. Do not make decisions based on rumours – If you are new to the investing market, remember the golden rule is never make a buying decision based on rumours. There are companies that create and spread such rumours that is very similar to inside trading. In such cases, there are more chances of you loosing your money.

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2. Get expert advice – If you are new to share market it is best to choose an advisor who will guide you in making right decisions. Also, make sure you enquire well about the advisor and his past records to be sure that the advisor you choose is reliable.

3. Invest in mutual funds – Mutual fund investments are the safest way to invest for beginner in share market. This is because it your money and invest with informed decisions. Usually fund managers have an in-depth technical and fundamental understanding of stocks that can benefit.

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4. Large cap locks–If you are planning go without any aid from advisor, Then the best way is to invest on large cap stocks from BSE and NSE. These include 30 stocks from Sensex and 50 stocks from the Nifty. Sensex and Nifty are basically indicators of Indian stock market movements. The reason for it is there is a very minor chance of these stocks collapsing. Moreover, these stocks give better return in the long term.

5. Understand the fundamental of stocks – Make efforts to understanding the fundamentals of stock market like ratios EPS, Book Value, P/E, etc. This will benefit you in long run to understand how stocks are valued.

6. Stay away from free market tips – You might or must already have received advertisements from many companies offering free tips for assured profit in stock market for fixed amount of subscriptions. Avoid buying such subscriptions. There is a greater chance that you could lose money and you won’t even get any returns.

7. Choose long term investment – Stock market business is all about having patience. In times of unsurety choose sticking to brands with a strong goodwill in market and hold them for a long run.

You will meet many people trying to convince you that their way of trading will definitely help you gain profit in stock market. But remember there is no sure mantra to make instant profit in stock market. You have to be patient and learn from your own experience.

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