Things You Should Know Before Opting for a Chin Augmentation in Chicago

Things You Should Know Before Opting for a Chin Augmentation in Chicago


Every human being is born looking different. As we grow, changes in our face start to surface and every individual becomes the owner of a unique face. Now, how one would look is not in their hands. But, if one is unhappy with the way they look, or with certain part of their face, then there is now the opportunity to make alterations to the same. That is where the magic of plastic surgery lies. So, if for example, you are not happy with your chin, which appears weak and undefined, then you can always consider Chin augmentation in Chicago.

What is Chin Augmentation surgery

Chin augmentation surgery helps to change the way your chin appears. With this surgery, that needs to be performed by a specialist in the field, one can enhance definition and balance within the face. The surgery, if performed in the right way, can bring remarkable results and help improve the overall appearance of the individual.

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There are many who often feel ashamed and a loss of confidence with a weak chin. This surgery can give them their desired look, along with their lost self-esteem.

Who can opt for this surgery

This surgery can be opted by both men and women for enhancing their appearance. However, one has to be in good health, and free from any cardiac issues or should not be diabetic. Those with the following are the ideal candidates for a chin augmentation in Chicago:

  • Those having a weak jaw line
  • Those with a pointed or overly square chin
  • Those with recessed chin

How does this take place?

 Chin augmentation surgery is relatively easy, and it can help create a perfect harmony among the facial features. It can do wonders for enhancing the overall appearance. This is a simple procedure, and does not take more than 45 minutes to one hour. The recovery can take some time, but one has to be patient during this period.

Those who opt for this surgery have to undergo a small incision under the chin or inside the mouth, between the gum and the lower lip. Then, a silicone implant is inserted through the incision in the desired position in front of the jawbone. Once the implant is done correctly, the incisions will be sutured closed.

The Recovery Period

The only side effects of this surgery is some pain and swelling. Some patients might undergo a bit of bruising as well. The pain and discomfort can subside with some medicines. One needs to take enough rest during the recovery period. With the body healing naturally, things can start getting back to normal. The bruising and swelling might stay for a bit longer.

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During this period no heavy work should be done and a special garment is worn to keep the chin tissues in place. This helps in the healing process, and subsides the pain as well. The sutures stays as it is for at least 10 days. Sutures within the mouth dissolves on own. The one placed outside needs to be removed by the surgeon. It will at least take two to three weeks for returning to work.

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