The 10 ‘Streetwear’ Brands you Need to Know

The 10 ‘Streetwear’ Brands you Need to Know


Today hoodies, hats, white shirts and flannel shirts are an essential part of our wardrobe, no one can deny that. Kanye West, Drake, Pharrell Williams and even J Balvin himself are spokesmen for this trend that is here to stay. Without a doubt, streetwear will be established as a perfectly acceptable option and we will tell you which are the firms that will meet the needs of those who seek to achieve this style and the best one is black panther movie merchandise.


An old acquaintance … The urban clothing firm that has been on the market for more than two decades is a cult – which is not at all casual. And it is that the rojiblanco logo is more alive than ever thanks to its multiple collaborations with firms such as Timberland and Everlast (yes, the box brand). The most recent? With Louis Vuitton, which was a success during Men’s Fashion Week in Paris. Created in 1994 by James Jebbia, Supreme launches very limited editions of each garment so that demand far exceeds supply, and turns each shirt, each board, each cap, into an object of desire.


Under the baton of designer Yohji Yamamoto -who has known how to take advantage of the media strength of Adidas to increase its market- this collaboration arises in which the common thread is the futuristic style of the Japanese. The most coveted pieces? Sneakers, without a doubt, which you can buy for about $ 300.


The rage for these garments is due to personalities such as Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Bella Thorne. They are just some of the celebrities who have put on the legendary t-shirt or sweatshirts with the logo of one of the best-known skate magazines in the world. And although it may sound positive for the popularity of the publication, its editor-in-chief, Jake Phelps, thinks not. Despite what the editor thinks, no one can deny the popularity it has gained in recent months.


Because “anti-fashion” is fashionable. A premise that has been followed by this firm made up of a group of six anonymous designers united with a common feeling of rebellion and reinvention of traditional fashion. One of the pieces that best explains the Vetements proposal, and which quickly became the most sought-after object of the European summer, was the yellow sweatshirt with the DHL logo. At the time it was Duchamp, followed by Warhol… this firm seems to understand that the success of its proposal lies in its capacity for provocation (both internal and external).


More than a brand, it is a whole lifestyle. Since its inception in the 1980s, the brand has used fashion as a mechanism for cultural expression. Among his clients we can find DJs, hip hop singers and fine artists. The icon of the brand: the sweatshirts with the famous graffiti-inspired logo.


Specializing in the creation of skateboards and hats, this brand – originally from London – follows a fusion of the most eclectic: it mixes British roots with the gang culture of the suburbs of New York. Clothes are highly functional, especially for the inhabitants of the English capital; rain jackets, windbreakers, hoodies.

Off white

Firm that has come to revolutionize the male silhouette, especially in the world of high end. If you lean towards their designs, you can buy long-cut t-shirts and sweatshirts and a lot of camouflage print.

Gosha Rubchinskiy

Loaded with references and an aggressive aesthetic, the Soviet wave is here to stay. This is demonstrated by this brand that shows the panorama of Russia after the Cold War. Rubchinskiy has defined her style as Soviet skater chic, and there is no room for doubt after seeing her pieces.

BAPE (A Bathing Ape)

This Japanese brand has gained followers thanks to its creatively patterned hoodies and bomber jackets. Its key piece is the BAPEsta sneakers, inspired by Nike’s Air Force model. His clients include Pharrell Williams and Lil ‘Wayne.

Anti-Social Social Club

nnnnA project that appeals to minimalism and tries not to lean towards any specific genre, which has given it great success even for those who are not familiar with streetwear. In particular we love to see women wearing the panthers sweatshirt of this brand.

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