Precast Stormwater Pits: Solution For Drainage Projects

Stormwater Pits


There is a range of concrete stormwater pitsĀ designed to offer an off-the-shelf solution for any drainage project, including:

  • Subdivision inter-allotment drainage
  • Commercial complexes
  • Industrial complexes
  • Sports fields
  • Residential drainage

Quality rainwater collector

A pit that collects excess water or rainwater is called a drainage pit or stormwater. A drainage pit is a rectangular box with a drainage grate on the ground. It collects water and discharges water through the drainage pipe to the nearest council storm water discharge point.

A concrete storm water pit is very durable. It might be too heavy to handle but it ensures that the water drainage doesn’t fail in collecting water from the rain or in an irrigation system.

Concrete storm water pit features

Here is the list of features of the pit that you must be choosing:

  • High chemical resistance and biological attack
  • Vibration absorption and excellent noise
  • Zero-water absorption
  • UV resistance and good weathering
  • Stability and good thermal properties
  • Efficient hydraulic flow

The storm water pit relies on gravity for collecting water on the site. The site usually has a fall, for example, 1:100 to pit. The method of drainage is what you call point drain.

Understanding the storm water pits

It has a crucial role in the sanitation system and the environment. A diverse range of tasks keeps the water systems working properly.

The use of a storm water pit

The surface and rainwater runoff flow to the following:

  • underground concrete
  • plastic compartment
  • storm water pit

It is located under the ground. The pit collects excess water and controls flooding throughout the heavy rain. Storm water pits are used for controlling and holding storm water runoff. As the rainwater is slowly discharged by the connected system of the drainage pipes, the drainage pit plays an important role.

Storm water pit and drain installation

The installation of storm water pits and drainage systems needs specialist drainage expertise and knowledge. They know if it works effectively or not. The system is designed to stop clogging up in ongoing rain. A complete storm water pit installation at a time is convenient and ensures minimal disruption to your busy day.

The storm drainage system

The storm water pit installation requires specialist drainage skills and knowledge to work effectively. Whether or not you realize it, the storm drains play an essential role in keeping the landscaping looking beautiful, the basement dry, and the foundation from getting the water damaged.

How exactly does the storm drains work and the services do they offer? Storm drains are designed to stop flooding on the road and around businesses and homes. It works by melting snow and diverting rainwater, and ice into the nearby bodies of the water. Each time it rains, the water runs off the roof, through the gutters, and to the street.

Let water flow into the storm drains and a system of pipes to a nearby stream, reservoir, pond, and or other body of water.

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