Plastic Vs. Glass, Where to Store Your Weed

Where to Store Your Weed


Storing your weed the right way is one of the most important things that you can do to prolong its life, freshness, flavor, and potency. That is why you need to choose the right storage option from the get-go. Glass and plastic containers are the two most commonly used storage options by weed users today. So, you may be wondering which one is the better option.

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In this article, we are going to provide you with a comprehensive comparison between plastic and glass containers for the purpose of weed storage. So, let’s dive right in and dissect each of these options!

Common Storage Options for Weed

As we mentioned, glass and plastic are the most commonly used options for weed storage. They come in a variety of packaging forms. Some people use glass weed jars, while others use plastic zip-lock bags. Some people use tin boxes, while others prefer cardboard boxed to store their weed.

A few weed enthusiasts also use foil and paper wrapping to store their weed for the short-term. In most cases, people keep their weed in the packaging that it came in. However, the effectiveness of each of these storage methods varies vastly.

To put it plainly, glass containers are definitely the best option for weed storage. Keep reading as we discuss this further below!

Why Plastic is a Bad Idea for Weed Storage?

Plastic may sound like the most convenient storage option for your weed, but it is far from the best. There are many reasons for not using plastic containers at all. If you use a plastic bag to store your weed, it will lose its potency quicker.

Moreover, it also results in a static cling that separates your weed from its buds and breaks down. This will not only take away the pleasantness of the weed’s flavor, but it will also reduce its potency and lower its experience.

Does the Plastic Leach?

Yes! You heard us right. Another reason for not using plastic bags for weed storage is that they have the tendency to leach. Over time, the plastic bag starts to disintegrate and breakdown, which affects the quality, flavor, and potency of your weed.

Plastic can leach phthalates, BPA, and other toxic additives, especially in summers and hot conditions. If you keep your weed plastic bag in the car or in a warm and moist place, the weed will lose its potency and will absorb the toxic additives of the plastic.

The plastic leaching of such weed bags is one of the biggest hazard concerns for weed users. The additives can mix with the weed and ruin your entire experience while putting your health at risk. That is why we do not recommend using plastic bags for weed storage.

What is the Best Option for Weed Storage?

If you want to store your weed in a way that protects its potency, taste, and overall experience, then nothing beats glass containers. For starters, glass doesn’t leach in any condition, so your weed’s flavor and odor don’t get contaminated with it.

Moreover, a glass container has a better aesthetic appeal than an unattractive plastic bag. If you buy weed in large quantities and like to keep it stored, then putting them in a glass container will bring you the greatest satisfaction.

Glass weed jars are an excellent choice for long-term weed storage. They are also much more durable than plastic, and you can reuse them for as long as you like. Additionally, glass containers aren’t prone to the wear and tear that the plastic bags sustain regularly.

How to Choose the Best Glass Weed Container?

If you’re finally convinced that glass is the best way to store your weed, then you need to choose one of the several options. There are a lot of excellent options that are very convenient for storing the weed. Consider buying a prescription pill bottle for storing small amounts of weed for daily use. They keep the weed fresh for longer.

You can also buy an airtight glass lid container. It keeps the moisture and air out and preserves the freshness and potency of the weed for longer.

Final Thoughts

Glass is easily the better option for storing your marijuana products. It doesn’t leech and allows your weed to stay fresh and potent for longer. Make sure you keep the glass containers with weed away from direct sunlight. Consider wrapping the containers with a cloth for maximum efficiency.

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