Learn How to Calculate a Paint Job Estimate’s Selling Prices

Paint Job


How can you figure out how much a paint job will sell for? Trial and error is a good way to learn. Reading books is a good way to learn. Personal coaching can help you learn. Alternatively, you can employ a mix of all three, which will occur naturally if the contractor is willing to learn; better still, click on this link https://www.paintpinot.com.au. Learn how to calculate a paint job estimate with the following tips:

Trial and error are the best ways to learn.

I believe that most painters quickly form an opinion about their business and where they stand in terms of cash flow. Every painting contractor has probably felt the horrible sense of losing money on a job. Unless the contractor is fortunate enough to be born into a successful painting family and be given the entire business, he will have to learn through trial and error.

Charges for painting

The contractor may first discover that there are works available, but the company is not making enough money. What is the reason for this? The painting contractor is not charging enough, so why does the contractor not modify the pricing if they are aware that they are not charging enough to earn a profit?

Learn using a variety of media.

You can learn more about the selling price of painting services by reading books, listening to CDs, mp3s, and watching movies. And it’s here that you might learn how to figure out your selling price. You will experience a profound awakening at this point, and you may think to yourself, “No surprise I’m not making any money; I’m selling my paint jobs for less than they cost me.

Like the old joke goes:

Two guys from Texas with a little money and an old pick-up truck heard they could buy watermelons for $1 each in Mexico and decided to sell them for $10 per dozen. They did a fantastic job and were completely sold out before they even made it halfway to Dallas. However, while they sat on the side of the road counting their money, they realized they were a bit short of the original amount. They couldn’t figure out what was wrong because they were doing so well, and it finally dawned on them that they needed a bigger truck.


Personal coaching is the third and most effective technique to learn about your selling price and other things; you can ask specific questions about your business. And, if the coaching is good, it can help you get back on track and make the necessary changes. The Painting Business Manual can be found by clicking here https://www.paintpinot.com.au.

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