How to find the right event check-in app?

How to find the right event check-in app?


As an event organizer, your job is to make sure you check in your guests smoothly. Checking in guests is one of the most important elements not to be mistaken. This is the first contact with your participants. Your goal must be to make the process fluid, precise and fast.

That’s where event check-in apps come on the scene.

Smartphone apps offer a fast way to register guests for any event. They reduce the number of people requested and are a simple alternative to being able to register guests online in order to avoid long queues.

It can be said that online check-in app are transforming traditional check-ins and in a good way.

Hospital visitor management software check-in apps are a different solution for signup your event. From build signup pages, to tickets, to generally asked questions, to trading advertising to making on-site registrations, they allow you to do virtually everything. There are many online check-in apps but you will feel good to listen that Vizitor is one of the best check-in app that can be used by the companies as well as by the hospitals.

1.First impressions

Smartphone apps allow event organizers to make a good first impression. As the saying goes, you don’t have a second chance to make a first impression. Check-in apps immediately improve your guests’ experience.

2.Reduce paper

Check-in apps reduce the need for paper lists. Let’s say that your company organizes 10 major events per year. You can imagine the amount of paper required to print the names of all participants. An app reduces printing costs to practically zero. Finally, avoid losing the paper lists of participants.

3.Last minute changes

Event check-in apps are ideal for adding unexpected visitor badges for hospital. After all, you don’t want to slow down the queue and register new guests at the last minute. The more advanced apps allow guests to request changes in accommodation, meals and other activities.

4.Greater productivity

Event check-in apps increase productivity by 27% according to a study by Frost & Sullivan. They also reduce the need for additional staff, which could reduce your event’s budget.

5.Information on participants

Check-in apps also provide information about participants. Once you know who has registered for your event, you can save their data and use it to advertise your future events. Some event apps with broader features allow you to get feedback on the presenter, venue, food quality and other aspects of the event.

What to focus for in an event check-in app?

When choosing an event check-in app, it is vital to understand whether it can offer a 5-star experience or not.

The wrong ticket scanner can make check-in procedures stressful, resulting in a negative experience for guests. You don’t want your guests to leave before the start of your event because the ticket scanner was not working.

Let’s take a look at some qualities of the event check-in apps

QR codes

A good event check-in app scans QR codes from Android or iOS devices and offers custom QR codes for check-in.


Your check-in app must offer real-time data synchronization so as to minimize access with the same ticket. High-speed tracking also helps in case there are multiple access points.


The hallmarks of a good app are versatility and flexibility. See if it can scan different types of tickets such as parking tickets for outdoor events. He must also be able to process credit cards for last minute registrations.

Event check-in apps helps in making the work easier and flexible because the paper work gets reduced to some point. So, if you are interested in managing details and data through event check-in apps then you should have one of your choice.

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