How To Check The PAN Card Verification?

PAN Card Verification


The details on a user’s PAN Card could be used in a variety of ways. To make it easier for cardmembers to get PAN information, the government has set up online web portals. The digital PAN card security process is quick and user-friendly, with the mission of creating the authentication process as easy as possible for users.

PAN Card 

The income tax department issues a PAN card, which is a unique identification number. This is a code used to identify individuals, households, businesses, and corporations who are required by law to pay income tax to the government. It’s a one-of-a-kind code made up of alphabets and numbers. It is a legal document for different authentication purposes and acts as evidence of identity. The PAN card is active for the lifetime of the PAN cardholder once it has been released. The income tax department issues the PAN card in terms of preventing tax avoidance by individuals or businesses.

PAN Card Verification Process

There are three forms of digital PAN card verification processes. The following are the details: 

  • Screen-based PAN verification: Users must first register to the portal to begin this process. The information on the PAN card will be shown. 
  • File-based PAN verification: in this step, users must first login before uploading files. 
  • Software-based PAN card authentication: this is a software programme that allows users to verify their PAN cards online using a verification site.

The permanent account number can be verified using the digital PAN verification service. “Know your PAN” is another name for this service. The following is the procedure for checking your PAN: 

Eligibility for PAN Card Verification Online:

The organisations that are qualified for PAN card verification online are classified as follows:

  • Banks
  • Non-Banking Financial Companies
  • Insurers

 Insurance web aggregators 

  • Insurance repository
  • Credit card corporation
  • Depository participants
  • Mutual funds record keeping agency of NPS
  • DSC issuing authorities

Verification of PAN by PAN number 

Follow the instructions underneath to validate your PAN card online using your PAN number: 

  • Go to the NSDL PAN Card financial service’s official website.
  • Enter the number on your current PAN card. 
  • Type in the security code and then press the submit button. 
  • The status of the PAN verification will be shown on the screen. 

Within 5 days of obtaining the acknowledgement, you must verify the verification status.

What is the meaning of UTI PAN? 

UTI and NSDL issue PAN cards on account of the IRS. The PAN card provided by UT l is known as the UTI PAN. The UTI is one of the nation’s leading financial service providers. The government-owned UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Limited (UTIITSL) was established in 1993 and gave outsourcing and technology services to the government’s financial sectors.

Verify your UTI PAN number 

The steps for verifying your UTI PAN can be found below. The UTI PAN verification must be completed within 5 days of the acknowledgement date: 

  • Go to the UTI PAN official website and sign in. 
  • Choose the form of application and check if it’s a reprint or a new one. 
  • Enter your PAN number if you want to reprint your PAN card. 
  • If you’re filing a new application, enter the application’s coupon amount. 
  • After clicking send, enter the security code that appears. 
  • Your PAN verification status will be shown on this page.

PAN authentication by name and date of birth: Follow the instructions underneath to check your PAN using your name and date of birth: 

  • The user must first log in to the official e-filing website. 
  • After signing up, the user must provide the correct information in order to sign in. 
  • A screen will appear after you click “know your PAN.” 
  • Fill in the blanks with your name and date of birth in the format requested. 
  • When entering a name, start with the surname and then the first name. 
  • For the sake of protecting the privacy and protection of the user’s account, the date of birth must be given. 
  • PAN card number, name, jurisdiction, and remarks indicating whether the card is active or inactive will be included.

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