How can The Technology Transform the Education in Years to Come?

How can The Technology Transform the Education in Years to Come


Technology has been the main source of accomplishments these days. Scientists are trying hard to accomplish what they haven’t yet discovered. They are trying hard to reach the wonder they haven’t yet conquered. It is going to take decades to accomplish the unaccomplished things. When Einstein died, there was no one of his caliber who could replace him. When Stephen Hawking died, no one could replace him. Why is that? Because they had bigger minds than that of others? No, at all. Would they use to have extra classes to have an insight into their majors? Not at all. They had come from a similar educational system where most of the students were studying. These were different times. Today, it is possible that the education system can produce these minds all over again. The advancement in the field of technology is beyond comparison.

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The accomplishments are on its way towards a better tomorrow. Interestingly, those accomplishments aren’t part of the education system. There is a huge gap being witnessed in this regard. This gap between the practical implementation of technology and the education system has a lot of differences.

§  Diversity in Syllabi.

The syllabus is the backbone of every educational system in the world. The education system cannot simply survive without the concept of the syllabus. Space Technology is being achieved by every country but the syllabus about this isn’t symmetric in the education system all over the globe. Technology is being used all over the globe but the syllabi aren’t symmetric all over the globe. The education system of every country has a different approach in this regard. Why is that happening all over the globe? Is it casting a positive impact on education systems all over the globe? The honest answer is no. This sort of education system is developing a divide amongst the nation. The nation with a robust education system with an advanced syllabus is moving forward in the spheres of inventions as well as innovation. A nation with a weaker and poor syllabus isn’t moving forward in the spheres of innovations as well as inventions ata similar pace. Let’s exemplify it. Every country is producing different Safety Glasses though, why?  There is a huge difference in this regard. The fundamental root cause of divide amongst the nations is due to the divide in the syllabi throughout the globe. These fundamental corrections can make things better and it can give a good start to the education systems in the world.

§  Access to Education.

Education has pushed the boundaries today. It is not confined to libraries like that of ancient times. It is not being dealt with as personal property that cannot be attained by someone else. The famous concept of access to education is underway to be achieved precisely. There are things yet to be finalized and accessed by millions across the globe. But the dominant opinion is that access to educations has been finally materialized. It is too early to make that statement. But you need to focus one thing, if humanity has reached this far in the sphere of access to education, it is because of the technology. Technology has indeed made access to education possible for millions all over the globe.

§  Concept of Remote Education.

Have you ever witnessed what if the education was remote? Would it be good for the education system or not? Is the education system ready for this technological take over to deliver the remote education? The honest answer to this query is no. Education systems aren’t ready to deliver the quality of education to the students. They can deliver education.  There is a big difference in both of the things. The recent most manifestation of remote education inthe wake of COVID-19 has blown the covers of this notion very badly. There is technology to materialize the concept of remote education. But that technology alone cannot deliver. To deliver the quality, it needs years and years of practice of delivering the best. You can buy 3M Safety Glasses online, but cannot get quality education online the way you are anticipating it.


Not just the practice, the education system hasn’t even formulated the SOPs to carry out the notion of remote education. During this pandemic most of the national inclined towards the concept of remote education but it didn’t work out well for all of them without any exception. That’s a bitter reality. But that is also a window to the new ventures. A venture where people from all across the globe can have education from their favorite educational institute without the burden of accommodation.

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