Experiencing Drug Addiction for Your Health? Here’s How To Overcome It

Drug Addiction


Although our bodies have natural abilities to overcome disease, medicine is still needed to speed up this healing process. After a person has recovered and the illness is gone and does not show symptoms again, usually the doctor will advise to stop taking the drug. However, for certain diseases, the drug may have to be taken every day according to the doctor’s instructions. However, what happens when a person cannot stop taking certain drugs because of dependence or drug addiction ? In addition, how will the effect that will appear on the body? Is there a way to solve it? Check out from this website or the following review here!

What is Drug Addiction?

The condition of drug dependence is the process of consuming drugs that have been carried out repeatedly by a person and exceeds the rules for use or not according to doctor’s recommendations. This will inevitably bring up side effects, although on the other hand this can aim to meet physical, psychological, or both needs.

When a person has experienced drug dependence, this means the body has adapted to the presence of the drug. Finally, when he decides to stop consuming it, the body will produce a different reaction caused by not fulfilling a chemical that has become a habit in the body. Some of the symptoms that can appear when a person is addicted to drugs include:

  • Stomach pain, nausea and vomiting.
  • Loss of consciousness or fainting.
  • Impaired breathing and blood pressure.
  • Pain in the chest area.
  • The pupil of the eye is enlarged.
  • Body shaking or tremors.
  • Hallucinations .
  • The skin immediately becomes cold and sweaty, and hot and dry.

If the above symptoms have appeared, then the doctor recommends a diagnosis first by doing a drug dependence test. In the diagnosis process, doctors usually take urine and blood samples, and look at a person’s drug consumption history.

What is the Diagnosis and Procedure of Drug Addiction Test?

The diagnosis of drug dependence requires a thorough evaluation from a doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, and if the drug that causes dependence is narcotics, an examination from the Drug Addiction Hospital is usually required. Blood, urine, or other laboratory tests are a series of tests commonly performed to diagnose drug use. These tests are not diagnostic tests for drug dependence. However, the test can be used to monitor treatment and recovery.

For measurement criteria, mental health professionals refer to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), published by the American Psychiatric Association. These criteria are used as a standard for diagnosing drug dependence.

After a person is suspected of having drug dependence, the doctor will perform a series of therapies for the sufferer as the next step. This is because, there is no drug that can be used to treat drug dependence or addiction to date. Treatment for drug dependence will usually depend on the drug used, as well as any associated or possible medical or mental disorders.

Overcoming Drug Addiction

The way to overcome drug dependence, the diagnosis as mentioned earlier can be a reference. With these results, it will be known what type of drug is consumed, how much has been consumed, how long it has been taken.

Usually the treatment that can be done if you have experienced this is to see a mental health specialist ( psychiatrist ) or counselor to help overcome dependence. This can be done with appropriate therapy or other treatment, such as dose adjustments or changing drug classes.

If drug dependence has interfered with breathing, then the way to overcome it is primarily by freeing the airway by inserting a breathing tube into the breath. People with drug dependence can be overcome by giving activated charcoal at the clinic or hospital to absorb the drug that causes dependence. In addition, it can also be given intravenous fluids to help the body remove the drug substance more quickly.

That’s a little explanation about the symptoms of dependence and how to overcome them. If you need more information about this or other health problems, don’t hesitate to discuss it with a doctorhttps://rehabhelper.co.za/clinics/south-africa/johannesburg, through the Talk to a Doctor feature , OK. It’s easy, discussions with the specialist you want can be done, go now !

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