COVID Travel Advisory: Guidelines You do not Want to Miss

COVID Travel Advisory: Guidelines You do not Want to Miss


Planning to take a flight anytime soon? Follow these necessary guidelines mentioned in the post to ensure a seamless air journey amid the Covid-19 scare.

The declaration of the Covid-19 pandemic jolted multiple routine activities. One such activity was travelling that saw a uniform shutdown around the globe to contain the spread of the virus. With the reopening of the economy, domestic and special international flights have finally resumed.

While this move is extremely citizen-friendly, travelling amidst the pandemic can still expose you to the viral threat out there. However, by adopting proper precautionary measures and effectively complying with the issued travel advisories, you can keep yourself safe from harm’s way.

Here are a few crucial guidelines to keep in mind:

Download the AarogyaSetuApp

The installation of the AarogyaSetu app is mandatory before arriving at the airport. In case the app is not installed or a passenger refuses to install the app, the authorities have complete authorization to deny the said passenger any entry in the airport. Therefore, ensure that you have the app on your smart device well before you leave for the airport.

Crucialness of Social Distancing 

While proper measures have been taken to ensure less crowding at the airport, you still need to follow social distancing. Maintaining effective gaps of at least 1-meter between you and other people during thermal screening and boarding and not occupying the crossed seats at airports are a few rules that you have to follow strictly.

Also, it is up to your discretion to ensure that you keep a proper social distance even when the airport or the airline staff are not looking.

Wear Necessary Protective Gear

Whether on-board the flight or at the airport, you are required to take critical precautions such as wearing masks, face shields, and keeping environmental hygiene. You can take this precaution a notch up by wearing gloves or PPE kits to add another layer of protection. Kindly check your gear before wearing for any holes and keep spare ones handy for emergencies. In some cases, airlines will provide PPE kits to the passengers, which they are required to wear throughout the duration of the flight.

Be Mindful of your Activities

Respiratory hygiene and hand hygiene must be observed by everyone, whether passengers, crew, or on-ground staff. Maintain proper hygiene when using lavatories or at the cafeteria to ensure that no contact is established. Sit at your designated spot and pay attention to all the announcements by the airline or the airport.

Along with being mindful of your surroundings, be mindful of yourself as well. Inform the authorities whenever you feel any respiratory problem to ensure timely medical intervention and isolation if required.

Prepare and Submit Required Documents

As per the COVID travel advisory, you are required to submit a self-attestation about your travel and health condition to the airport authorities. You might also need to provide a report on your health condition, showing that you are fit to travel. The passengers must prepare all these documents well in advance to ensure a smooth process on the flight day.

Follow the Advisory for Smooth and Safe Travel

While certain guidelines are uniformly implemented across all the airports, you still need to follow certain unique advisories based on your travel destination or other rules implemented by the regional authority. Therefore, read and understand all the required parameters before arriving at the airport.

Safe Travels!

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