Chronic Overthinking can Hurt Your Mental Health

Chronic Overthinking can Hurt Your Mental Health


If you’re hurt that’s okay, if you keep hurting yourself over it it’s not. Thinking you could’ve done more than you should or less than you needed to can end up in a harmful cycle of self-analysis. A very unneeded course of action. Overthinking is a very common thing, but keeping it as a habit and over analyzing things could lead to a lot more troubles than it should. It can be harmful for your mental health as well as to your physical self. Ending up in a constant cycle of anxiousness and depression.

Although, no physical attribute can produce a chronic problem of overthinking, overthinking is still an effective problem and it could be dangerous to your overall help. It’s better to talk to a counsellor than to suffer alone in agonizing self made problems. If you want to have psychotherapy sessions, you can look up a Psychologist in Karachi.

Causes of Overthinking

Overthinking can be a very common feat among all sorts of people, but when it’s recurrent and takes more energy than it should, it needs addressing. There are so many little factors that are part of making someone overthink.

  • Self-doubt is one of the leading factors in many people who overthink, because they think they are not enough to be in that situation. They are not good students, speakers, writers and so much more. They are always in a constant denial of the part they play in their life.
  • Low self-esteem is a major cause in many mental health issues. The self-worth is considered very inadequate and makes an overthinker to produce excuses for getting out of situations they think where they don’t fit it. It could highly lead to lowered performance in any part of their life.
  • Bad experiences in the past always make them keep everyone and everything at an arm’s length. They keep pondering over new things and situations will repeat as if it is going to be something bad. It is like they always find their past traumas and relate it to other things.
  • Anxieties and undisclosed phobias are one of the major contributions in thinking things over-thinker shouldn’t. It makes them create scenarios in which something bad will happen to them and they shouldn’t risk doing it.

Most of these are very common in almost everyone. But for a chronic overthinker, it could lead to disastrous results and it may require help.

What Can YOU do about it?

There are a lot of things you can do to either relax your mind or overcome the anxious habit of overthinking. Other than that you can set up sessions with your counsellor and start your therapy.

Use Your Energy Productively

Mostly, when you’re staying inside your head, you leave reality at bay and consume your energy on thinking things you shouldn’t. It can harm your mental and physical health altogether. If you’re always mentally drained you can take part in regulating your mental health. For that you need to start doing something that uses up your energy. You can start by playing outdoor games, it will not only refresh you but it will give you another perspective to look at. Starting exercising or hitting the gym will do good too. This way you will be physically drained and will not be able to fully use your energy on overthinking.

Talk! You’re not Alone!

Making friends, talking to people or to counsellor can help you a lot. It can give you new perspective and may provide you a middle ground to grow out of your habit of overthinking. Talking to people will not only take your extra energy, it will help you form new opinions too. It can be helpful as most of the non overthinkers think quite the same. It’s just they don’t fully dwell in their thoughts.

Face Your Fears

Fears and phobia can lead to anxieties and depression and these are tipping points of many other problems. It’s hard for the overthinkers to just let go of fears but facing them might help. If you can’t do it alone, try doing it with someone with the same fears. It will not only give you company but it will help you two to get over it together.

Steer your Life

You control what happens to you and your life. It shouldn’t be something that requires a lot of analysis. Everybody makes mistakes and puts in a huge effort to move on. For an overthinker it could be hectic but it can be very helpful. You need to oust the negativity you boil inside of you. Because what You do will only matter to You.

The takeaway

It’s not easy to let go of things when they are many and you are stuck on them. Trying to figure out a better scenario at which the thing could’ve gone better or perfect. Abandoning overthinking isn’t easy but it shouldn’t be painful. With a little help and a lot of effort you can easily overcome your overthinking. You should know it’s okay to ask help if you are not able to achieve something you should have. Counselling feels tiresome and unproductive but it can help you and can bring out your true potential.

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