Canoo Functions Public as GOEV & GOEVW

Canoo Functions Public as GOEV & GOEVW


Canoo Holdings Ltd. (Canoo), an organization developing breakthrough electric vehicles (EV) having a proprietary and highly versatile EV platform for private and business usage, along with Hennessy Capital Acquisition Corp. I V (HCAC) (NASDAQ: HCAC, HCACW), a special purpose acquisition corporation, announced today the conclusion of this small business combination (the Business Combination). The company Combination was first approved by HCAC stockholders in a special meeting held on December 2 1, 20 20. Beginning on December 22, 20 20, Canoo’s common stock and warrants will trade on the Nasdaq worldwide Select Market under the ticker symbols NASDAQ goevw at along with GOEVW, respectively.

Tony Aquila, Executive Chairman of Canoo said, this second phase is an essential one for Canoo because we ready to accomplish high-level testing of our advanced electric freedom platform and also to create our newly unmasked multi-purpose shipping vehicle to limited-production in 20-22, as well as commercial production and roll out in 20 23. Concerning most of us in Canoo, we’re enthusiastic and committed about our go-to-market chances also to attract both businesses and consumers that the benefits of the platform. We’re incredibly enthusiastic about fulfilling our mission to attract EVs to everyone.

Canoo, Which has designed the world’s flattest modular electrical system, is re-imagining EV style and layout, optimizing usable inside space and encouraging a broad selection of auto applications, for example, its newly introduced multi-purpose shipping vehicle. With an exceptional stage design, characterized by a self-indulgent, independently drivable rolling system that houses most of the most vital EV components, Canoo provides the industry’s very first authentic steer-by-wire platform. Coupled using a composite leaf spring suspension, this technology empowers the electric platform’s horizontal structure and optimizes space. Even the provider’s proprietary electric drive train and battery-powered systems have been incorporated into the EV platform, which’s the cornerstone for several Canoo vehicles. Various cottages or top hats are paired together withCanoo’s EV platform to generate an assortment of original vehicles. Canoo’s exceptionally modular approach will ease efficient production at scale and also enable the accelerated creation of vehicles operating distinct markets and consumer sections at low cost, driven by development and research. By way of instance, collision testing is primarily assembled into the electric stage, reducing time and costs to market.

Daniel J. Hennessy, ‘the Chairman & CEO of all HCAC said, We’re eager to find that this merger realized and congratulate Canoo with this particular landmark. Our commitment to renewable infrastructure and technologies is resolute, also Canoo is just really a fitting long-term partner because we usher in a brand new age for urban liberty with advanced and cheap EVs. You can find more stock information at

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