Calculating Your Retirement Corpus? Use Retirement Calculator

Calculating Your Retirement Corpus


Finding an estimate of retirement corpus can be difficult, but with the help of a retirement calculator, you can calculate the amount of money you will need by the time you retire.

Read on to know more about the retirement calculator.

It is of utmost importance to plan for retirement. If a person doesn’t have sufficient funds for life after retirement, then he/she might have to face a financial burden. But one problem that many individuals face is that they don’t know how to calculate a retirement corpus. However, a person can use a retirement calculator to find out the amount of money he/she needs to save by targeted retirement age.

Why is it Important to Plan for Retirement?

You will be financially independent when you are earning a monthly salary. But what happens when you retire and don’t have a regular source of income? For such times to ensure financial stability, you need to plan your finances for life after retirement.

You must search and compare various investment options available for retired people. You also need to invest in a plan that can generate income for you after retirement. Apart from investments, you also need to save money. The most important factors that you need to consider while calculating a retirement corpus are your current income and expenses. Furthermore, you must keep in mind the impact of inflation. You might find it hard to calculate your retirement corpus manually. However, you can use a retirement calculator to determine a sound estimate.

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What is a Retirement Calculator?

With the help of a retirement calculator, you will find out the amount of money you need to accumulate in order to live a stress-free life after retirement. Also, it is extremely easy to use a retirement calculator. To get an estimated amount, you will need to enter a few details such as-

  • Your current age
  • Your desired retirement age
  • Your annual income
  • Your current investments
  • Your monthly expenses

When you enter these details, the calculator will provide you with the corpus you need to build by retirement. Then, the tool will inform you about the changes you need to make in order to accumulate the desired amount.

Benefits of Using a Retirement Calculator

  • Helps You Plan Your Finances

A retirement calculator can help you find out how much money you need to save every month to build an adequate retirement corpus.

  • Provides You with a Sound Estimate

This is one of the main benefits of a retirement calculator. Based on your inputs, this calculator can help you find out how much money you will need for life after retirement.

  • Helps You Understand the Future Value of Your Investments

A retirement calculator can also help you find out the value of your current investments in the future.

It is recommended that you start planning for retirement from an early age. This way, you will have enough time to accumulate funds for life after retirement.

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