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Deciding on Cremation


As human beings, we can’t bring back our loved one’s lives when their soul departed from their bodies and this is a painful truth everybody must accept. It could be tough at first and it will take time before we can move on from longing for them. I believe that the family and friends of a deceased person will have to endure loneliness, thus, they must be brave and survive.

Their beloved must have left this world but as a family member, we’d still need to pay respect and perform memorial rites. To do this, we must decide if he’d be cremated or buried 6 feet below the ground so that we can contact the appropriate provider in Brooklyn. If you prefer cremation, then visit their office for arrangements as soon as possible since we can’t keep the corpse stored in the freezer for a long time.


Once your booking is confirmed, the local providers will help and guide you regarding your loved one’s interment program. Since the bereaved family is mourning, your chosen crematory service will deal with documents you’ll require, such as a death certificate, ceremony, etc. Such a burden would be taken care of, thus, choose the right crematorium company for this sad but memorable event.

Cremation and How it Works

It’s a process of incinerating a dead body in a chamber at a very high temperature. After undergoing several processes, the ashes would be collected and kept in an urn. Some people may bury this container or store it in a columbarium after scattering the ashes – read for more info.

Crematoriums will have to store the corpse in a cool place while waiting for approval. They will prepare the body by removing implants and then, it will be laid in a flammable container. This will be placed in the chamber and undergo an incineration process for up to 3 hours.

When the cremains are already cooled, ashes will be collected and stored in an urn of your choice. After that, this will be delivered to the family for memorial rites. Most service providers could also manage setting up the wake and arranging the funeral program.


Aside from popularity, there could be reasons why cremation is in demand. I suppose, this option is favorable in various ways:

  • The cost of cremating a corpse is far cheaper than traditional burials.
  • Most cemeteries are already crowded, thus, finding an empty lot is tough. It would be easier to find a space in the columbarium.
  • Cremains could be scattered and kept in the urn, though some of it is stored in accessories, such as pendants.
  • In terms of environmental concerns, cremation is friendlier to the environment because embalming isn’t involved. Thus, hazardous chemicals won’t be exposed to the ground or water when scattering.
  • Memorial services could be simpler than traditional rites., involving all sorts of expensive rituals.
  • Religions aren’t strict with the process and are already accepted in their culture.

Factors to Consider Before Deciding on Cremation

Some of us could be confused if we’re going to cremate a loved one who passed away or go with traditional burial. Therefore, before making up your mind, consider these few factors.

  1. Environmental Impact – You’re surely aware that a corpse must be embalmed if you buy a casket for viewing. Because of these chemicals, the ground where he’ll be buried will take such a hazard. When burning the corpse, the effect on our environment is lesser and that’s what should be more considered.
  2. Religious and Cultural Beliefs–If your religion or culture is against this process, then you’ll have no other choice but to go with a traditional funeral. But today’s generation has changed, thus, it’s been accepted by most religious sectors – read here to learn more.
  3. Emotional Factors –As a family, you have to decide which one comforts you the most. Do you prefer to see your loss in a casket or urn? I guess you have to weigh your emotions and choose what’s lighter to bear.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cremation Service

Before selecting a provider, you have surely searched online for these companies. You can inquire online or via phone before visiting their office.

Eternal Cremations of Brooklyn

240 Kent Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11249

(347) 801-8768

Brooklyn Cremation Services

Cremation Process

Do the providers have crematorium facilities in your locality? You should know how they’re going to manage to process. It would be great if they offered funeral rites as well because wake is essential in this event.

Some of them handle the arrangements and deal with a third party for incineration. This would be fine as long as they can deliver high-quality services. Just make sure that proposals for the memorial rites are organized.

Look at the services offered and packages that favor you. They have to be transparent with the details. In this way, you’ll be aware of what is lacking and look for other options.


You can get an idea of how much it would cost by searching online. Ask for a free quote and use this in comparing rates.

Reputable companies don’t hide charges. Therefore, they must be transparent with the list of expenses as well. That’s how you can find a decent provider in your area.


Since your relatives and friends will be visiting during the wake, they should give you options for venues. Some of them can prepare the place and set it up for vigil services.

Other families want the wake to be held at home. If this is possible, then you should ask for your convenience.

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