Background Checks Improve Safety and Trust

Background Checks Improve Safety


Background Checks Improve Safety and Trust

The digital age has opened up a world of possibilities surrounding background checks. Verifying the identity, experience, education, and criminal history of a job applicant is now not only possible but well within reach of an employer, large or small. Professional screening agencies have developed the skills and resources necessary to conduct thorough and reliable background checks to help employers build safe and secure workplaces. Some of the checks they can run include the following:

International Background Checks

People are moving around more than ever before. Hiring someone who’s lived, worked, or studied in a foreign country is a fairly commonplace occurrence. In these cases, international pre-employment background screenings are the answer. Skilled agencies with experience with the country and its laws and regulations can provide reliable background checks for anyone. Knowing the language and the laws are critical, though, so choose an agency with a proven international track record.

Credit Checks

Credit checks provide a record of how individuals have managed their credit and financial obligations over time. Credit checks are standard when applying for a loan, a credit card, or renting an apartment or home. Some jobs also may require a credit check. Credit checks are most common in positions that involve direct access to money or other highly fungible assets, but they are also run for positions at high risk for fraud or embezzlement. Individuals with a poor credit history that includes things like high levels of debt, tax liens, or bankruptcies are considered high risk.

Professional License Checks

Exaggerations and even outright falsehoods are alarmingly common on resumes and job applications. Verifying an applicant’s education, experience, and professional credentials protects employers from hiring individuals without the requisite skills and experience for the position. Certain industries rely on professional licenses to protect customers from negligence. A professional check will verify that the candidate has an active license free from restrictions or violations.

Personal Background Checks

If you want to know what the employer will see on your background check, you can request one for yourself. Consumer reporting agencies are required to provide one free background check each year to the named individual. This means you can find out today if your name appears on a criminal database or if your credit report is clean. Finding out what’s on your report is a great way to prepare for the job application process and address any errors proactively. Never miss out on an opportunity because of a surprise on your background check; it’s your information, so take charge of it.

For more information about these and other background checks, contact your background screening provider.

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