A Detailed Insight by Dave Highbloom on the Safety Program Under OfficePartners360 and Their Initiative for COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy at The Workplace

Hesitancy at The Workplace


Leading name in customer experience solutions, OfficePartners360 has beefed up its priority on the safety and health of its employees to keep them safe in the post-pandemic world. In order to stay true to the above commitment, the company has made its safety and health program stronger to ensure employees are protected from the risks of the coronavirus and the hesitancy to take the vaccine at the workplace is removed.

Dave Highbloom speaks on the company’s efforts to ensure employees are safe

Dave Highbloom is the Chief Administrative Officer of OfficePartners360, and he says the company has launched a unique corporate telecommuting package to enhance its support to their intensely successful Work-from-Home Program. The organization is presently subsidizing its Internet plan for employees every month so that they can continue to work remotely with wired Internet. The company is also providing subsidized point-to-point shuttles for onsite workers for the company.

Strict COVID-19 prevention and control measures

As an integral part of the health and safety drive, OP360 persists in enforcing stringent prevention and control measures for COVID-19. He says that the workstations spread across the company’s facilities comply with the guidelines set out for social distancing. In addition to the above, the company is disinfecting and decontaminating surfaces that are frequently touched regularly. It is also cleaning the units of centralized air-conditioning every week.

Social distancing floor markers

The company has also installed floor markers for social distancing and has strategically placed alcohol dispensers all through its offices. The housekeeping staff of the company is given complete personal protection equipment to work safely.

Those employees infected with the coronavirus will get full paid medical leave irrespective of the fact of whether they are working remotely or onsite. Along with the above, they will also get care packages, he says.

Survey for COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy at the workplace

The company recently conducted a COVID-19 Vaccine Survey to determine and curb the hesitancy among employees to take the vaccine at the workplace. As per the results, about 69 percent of the survey respondents were reluctant to get vaccinated against COVID-19. In order to address this issue, OP360 rolled out a Vaccination Information Bulletin for COVID-19 to demystify and further encourage its employees to take the vaccine.

Thanks to the above efforts, says Dave Highbloom, 640 of OP360 employees have registered for the COVID-19 vaccination to date. This number is 48 percent higher than expected, which was based on the vaccine survey taken initially.

He says that the Safety and Health Team of OP360 will coordinate the rollout of the vaccine. The organization is waiting for the final vaccination schedule along with the assigned site for the vaccination. The company will give priority to employees who have registered with comorbidities as per the National Vaccination Guidelines. He further adds that the second round of registration has already been scheduled to cater to the additional staff of the company. In order to reduce infections, the company has also embraced stringent COVID-19 prevention and control measures across the nation exceeding the mandates of prominent agencies of the Government like The Philippines Department of Health, Labor and Enforcement, and Trade and Industry in the nation.

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